Douche Before Anal Sex

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Good options include the bulb like douches that can be found at chemists as well as adult stores. The idea is to repeat this process until the water comes out clear. Throughout this entire experience, it is your job to pay attention to what you are feeling, and communicate this to your partner. A Buyers Guide Sex Toys If your man expresses interest in entering your back door, don't jump to wondering "Is my vagina suddenly not good enough for him? High pressures can cause significant damage to the bowel.

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Things are tight and will naturally tense if you try prying it open like a fucking safe. This is why foreplay is important not to mention it's a lot of fun, so why would you even want to skip it? Start with your hands. Tracey says that it's important to have "clean hands and trimmed nails" and to "remove all rings". You don't want to be fishing for gold if you leave your wedding ring on.

Using lube, you should "start by gently circling the opening with the pads of your fingers". When it gets to the point of insertion, you should start with one finger and only insert a little at a time. There's no use finger blasting a newbie because they will hopefully tell you to get out of both their anus and their house. You should "wait for them to get used to the sensation and for the sphincter muscles to relax" before going in a bit more.

You'll find that once the person receiving is used to having something in their ass, they will start to relax. You should also think about multitasking if you're the one doing the anal exploring. If the receiving person is female, she might like it if you wash her front windows too. If the person receiving the finger is male, he might like an accompanying hand or blowjob.

Rimming using your tongue on the ass is also a useful foreplay tool. Tracey says that you should "keep your tongue soft and wet with gentle licks" to begin with, before "making your tongue stiff and pointed". Once you've done the foreplay and both of you are comfortable, it's time for the penetration. This isn't the Olympic sprint and you don't need to have finished the job in 9.

Take your time when entering and use the same technique as when you used your hands: Slowly push in a bit at a time, pausing to allow the receiver to get used to it before pushing in further. Once you're in, Tracey says you should "move very gently and very slowly. Move in and out but in super slow motion and only withdraw an inch or so.

Also try circling your hips while keeping your pelvis close. One of the easier positions to try if it's your first time is the receiver on top. Other positions you can try are missionary requires a bit of flexibility and doggy style. The most important thing about trying anal sex for the first time is communication. As the receiver, you need to be confident enough to tell the other person "hey, that doesn't feel so good" or "I'm not a pound piece, please calm down".

As the giver, you need to be able to listen, take note, and change things accordingly to make sure the person on the end of your dick is comfortable at all times. Anal sex should never be a chore.

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Yes, more preparation and effort has to go into it sometimes, but it should be something that both parties enjoy. Just like vaginal sex, taking it up the bum won't always feel great.

Sometimes it won't feel comfortable, and sometimes you might just not want to have a snake roaming around your back garden. And that's OK! Share On facebook Share On facebook Share. Share On vk Share On vk Share. Share On lineapp Share On lineapp. Share On twitter Share On twitter Share. Share On email Share On email Email.

Share On sms Share On sms. Share On whatsapp Share On whatsapp. Share On more Share On more More. Share On tumblr Share On tumblr. Share On link Share On link. Def Jam. Via giphy. Warner Bros. Well it all depends on what Douche you are using. Now, I myself have never actually used a water-bag douche, or a directly connected shower douche however I have used Bulb Douches as my main weapon of choice and recently I reviewed the Hydrodouche you can read all about that here.

Step 1: Make sure that when you start douching, you are within easy reach of the toilet! Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Ensure that the nozzle to be inserted and yourself are well lubricated before insertion. Step 5: You generally only need to cleanse the lowest part for anal play. Gently squeeze the bulb to allow the water to come inside. Step 6: I can say now, that initially it is the strangest feeling in the world.

But you get used to it. Once you have expelled all the water, I will flush and then go again the reason? Well I need to be able to check how clean I am so by flushing, I can see the difference. Step 7: So be warned! On my first ever go, I tried to empty the whole bulb inside it caught me by surprise and had an unfortunate accident which I will say no more about.

Like most things, douching is a personal choice, and everyone will have their own way of doing it. I hope this has been helpful, useful and if you have any questions or comments, you can leave one below. This article contains affiliate links. When you click on these links and make a purchase, we receive a small commission.

Your support means a lot to us. I never douche. I did it once and it ended up making me feel cramped and uncomfortable. I think the best advice for prepping is knowing your own body, paying attention to how your bottom works. I know mine now.

This is so much easier and faster than douching or anything else. I was wondering, can you make yourself completely clean down there? There was always going to be a little bit of stuff coming out like bubbles or flakey things. The water looked clear but I can see it in the toilet. It was tainted.

I never did anal play because it seems there,s always something down there. But I only douche with my finger and a little bit of soap. For some people, a simple clean around the area is good enough to indulge in some light anal play however, I would not recommend using soap in or around your butt! It can cause irritation which almost feels like a burn which is NOT pleasant.

Be careful! Having used all three over the years, I can say a connected hose gives best results but you need to be gentle. Bag and bulb devices obviously ideal if travelling and your local shower cannot be adapted to take the nozzle. Actually, I have used 2 of the 3 douches. In my experience, just a simple bulb douche has always been the easiest and most effective for my personal needs.

I feel like I can never enjoy anal sex, and would love some help. I think I over douche. I find the water is never completely clear. Once 5 hours after douching I engaged in anal sex, and the dark water just came pouring out of me. So embarrassing. These things happen. But chances are that when you douched, you simply went too far, and therefore you left water higher up into the colon.

When using a simple bulb douche, you just want to insert the nozzle maybe just under an inch and then squeeze in the water. Sometimes, things like diet can make douching tricky make sure you are getting plenty of fibre etc. This will all help. I really enjoyed this review on douching. But now l use a silicone bulb and nozzle without suck back from forttroff. They have great douch products.

Also it takes me 2 expels before my water clears, but l will mention that l sometime feel bloated and pass gas as l expel i assume this is totally normal. Considering my colon is full of water making me feel bloated. So if this happens to anyone else it should be totally fine.

That being said great douche review it gave me pointers on top of what l already knew. Great article! Douching for the first time. Thank you so much for posting this. This clears up a lot of the questions I had. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Eat a light meal and the body will naturally give you a bowel movement in an hour. Douching after that is quick and easy as food takes about hours to digest some people a little slower , so the water comes out clear in two or three rounds of water, then no worries of something extra coming down the line for several hours.

A finger or toy test should then indicate how clean you are. Hi there. I have only been experimenting with anal sex for a few years now, and for the first couple years I never douched. However, although I always made sure to clean myself as best as I possibly could, I always wondered: Then there was the thought of discomfort. My wife like to dominate me in anal ways, so naturally I want to clean myself out.

However I feel cramping from mildly to really painful. Also some times when she prepares me with anal ease I hurt badly after the anak play and have awful pain in my anus and stomach craps. Any help? IF you flush water into the upper colon, you can trigger bowel movements and cramping. Just a light squeeze in the lower part should be sufficient.

When playing anal, I strongly suggest using plenty of thick anal lubricant and just take it slow. You will find a few videos that are extremely helpful in showing you how to douche. In one of the video, the guy actually does it. If my memory serves me right, it is about minutes long. Worth the time watching it. At the end of the days, you will still need to do it a few times yourself to figure out how deep you should douche.

By the way, appreciate your guides, biggayreview, all nice guides you have written here. Ok this is old. So, I have to ask this I know that this is not the appropriate place to write this, but my husband uses an anal douche. He uses the hot water bottle and a long clear tube.

I found this and his dildos. I am a woman. I need to know if my husband is gay and just hiding this fact from me. I asked him and he said that he just liked pleasuring himself differently. What I am trying to ask from homosexual men is: A man would use an anal douche in preparation for sex, correct?. Any other reason? Would it be necessary for a person just using a toy on himself?

Stimulating this can lead to bigger, better and stronger orgasms. As for douching, I do sometimes use a douche before I use toys, because it helps make clean-up a little easier afterwards. Again, this does not mean anything. I think you might want to join him when he is using his toys and see just how good it makes him feel.

Perhaps you may progress to strapping one on and participating in his pleasure. Douches annally are normally for anal sex. Perhaps he uses it for constipation? Great article about douching. When I try it for the first time, it was very uncomfortable but I get used to it.

Plus, you have point out some very useful tips, thank you for that! I douche every time before anal sex, and sometimes before an important event, ie an interview etc. The last thing I want is to have something going on inside! When no water is leaking past and its all going up inside, I wait until I feel a little pressure and take it away. Five minutes and you are ready!

Being a closeted gay man I started a few years back before my solo play. Things were getting messy and as much as I enjoyed anal play the mess was putting me off. After some scary online research I originally opted for a bulb and immediately noticed the difference! No more messy towels and didoes, no more stnky clean ups and most important lots of fun anal play with piece of mind.

I have now a very nice wand kit that is permanently mounted on my shower. I can probably say that knowing that I am clean down there gave me the strength to come out of the closet and be my full self in front of others. I have only good things to say about douching and I highly recommend it. Know your body, know your limits and enjoy anal play! I plan on douching today as Im bottoming, but my question is if I pull my douche out after using all my water, do I clean it with soap before using it again?

You should clean the douche once you are completely finished. There is no need to wash it inbetween each use. As a gay male who has just embarked on the wonderful journey of self stimulation my next step is to try anal douching. Thank you. Pun intended! I am a straight experienced anal lover, I can take toys as wide as a champagne bottle with ease. I have used enemas ever since I experienced with anal for the first time.

I do it almost daily and sometimes even twice a day and I have never had any discomfords or anything, everything still feels the same as before I got into anal play. Just play safe. Why would one not want to trigger a BM? Seems to me that doing so then following up with more shallow douches to complete the cleansing would reduce the chances of poopsidents during sex, kind of like ensuring that there is nothing in the works for the next few hours.

The BM is usually accompanied by cramping, nausea and is far messier than normal. Is that safe to use? I empty it out first and use really warm water and insert the nozzle all the way in and douche my anus area. What is the douche made out of? Are you cleaning it thoroughly after use? I personally would suggest getting a seperate douche for that purpose.

You could be risking making her douche unsanitary and could lead to urinary tract infections. You can pick up anal douches fairly cheaply these days. Most online stores will sell douches something like this: Nope, I basically stand in front of my toilet which happens to be next to the sink. I insert, squeeze and then I can sit straight down on the toilet. I was always curious on the prepping for anal sex.

Thank you so very much for this article. Womens douches are mostly water with either vinegar, baking soda, iodine or even saline. I dont think that stuff would be good for the colonor could it? Thank you for having posted this article. Cheers, matey!

Being one or two orgasms deep helps you relax and loosen up, which in turn helps your rear end to loosen up, thus lessening the likelihood of a difficult entry. If this is your first time trying anal sex, spend a few minutes relaxing your mind and your entire body. I was always curious on the prepping for anal sex. Share On more Share On more More. You or your partner should begin by slowly massaging the outer ring of the sphincter and surrounding areas until you feel the anus relax. Jessie Stephens.

9 Tips You Should Know Before Having Anal Sex For The First Time:

The short answer is no, so long as you follow a couple of guidelines. I am a woman. Considering my colon is full of water making me feel bloated. Pun intended! Of course, this does mean that you need to be EXTRA careful when using something like this which is why I recommend using a product that allows you to adjust the pressure. Most women are skeptical of anal initially, but many end up loving it.

Beginners Guide To Douching/Enema

If you find yourself repeatedly tensing up, take a break and pick things back up if and when you feel ready to try again. Things are tight and will naturally tense if you try prying it open like a fucking safe.

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