Cartagena Nightlife Guide

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Italy Pass them along to others who may be considering: Cartagena Music Festival. Consider to click the bookmark for future easy access. Browse Colombia by travel destinations:

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Cali's climate favours that the Colombian girls flaunt their bodies throughout the city, but especially so in the cities famous salsa nightclubs. All round, Cali is the best option for nightlife and meeting local girls in Colombia. Medellin also has some great nightlife and equally beautiful local girls. The area around Parque Lleras is great for people watching and is has a buzzing nightlife scene, especially on the weekends.

Mango's is one of Medellin's most famous nightclubs - it used to be full of drug barons, but now it's populated by dwarf waiters serving beautiful Colombian women and men. All Colombia's major cities, such as Bogota, Cartagena, Santa Marta and Barranquilla have beautiful girls and buzzing nightlife.

The Barranquilla carnival is a particular highlight a five night non stop party. Incidentally, stunning Colombian pop star Shakira is from Barranquilla. Romania Austria Morocco Swiss Australia Hungary Albania Greece Bulgaria Mexico Mongolia Singapore Hong Kong Bermuda Aruba Armenia Ireland Cambodia Latvia Finland Korea Belgium Angola Chile Guam Tanzania Macau Zealand Ghana Israel Indonesia Cuba Costa Rica UAE Lebanon Serbia Azerbaijan Uganda Croatia Barbados Bangladesh Ecuador Slovakia Benin Jamaica Suriname During the drive, listen to your guide's commentary about the area's neighborhoods, fishing villages, and industrial zome of Mamonal.

When you arrive at Playa Blanca, enjoy the white-sand beach and crystalline waters. A lunch of Colombian dishes is included. After your relaxing day in the sun, head back to the city, where your day trip ends. His successful drug operation had allowed him to own luxurious residences, expensive cars and even airplanes. Although Escobar was held on charges such as murder, bombing, drug smuggling and money laundering, he was depicted at home in Colombia as a Robin Hood-type hero.

On this guided sightseeing tour, learn about his life at three historical sites. First, visit the Monaco Building, which was bombed by the rival Cali cartel in an assassination attempt on Pablo Escobar's family. Then, head over to the house where, on December 2nd, , he was shot and killed by Colombian special forces.

Depart from Medellin in the morning and make your first stop in a small town called Guarne, where you'll Antioquian hot chocolate or coffee and a traditional arepa with homemade farm cheese for breakfast. From there, you'll proceed to a small town called Marinilla, where you'll spend 30 minutes visiting the town square and local historical sites.

There, you'll have the opportunity to climb more than stairs to reach the top of this popular landmark and enjoy sweeping vistas of Guatape Lake and the surrounding mountains. After lunch, your tour guide will lead you on an informative historical walk through the picturesque pueblo of Guatape, visiting Calle de los Recuerdos, Plaza de los Zocalos and the town square and historic cathedral.

There is also programmed into the tour free time in Guatape for the visitor to explore the city on their own if desired. Arrive back in Medellin between 6: You will be met at the airport and taken directly to your hotel in Cartagena. A representative will greet you when you clear airport customs and your vacation can start!

When making a booking, you will need to advise your flight details and your Cartagena hotel details. Your transfer will be confirmed instantaneously and you will be provided with a travel voucher to present to the driver.

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