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Springfield Street is the one street in Leith that I can ' t remember ever having ventured into. It was only a stay of execution though a Coll wrapped up the title soon enough. At last minute, it was decided to release "Only Happy When It Rains" as a single ahead of the album, with " Queer " rescheduled to later in In a strange way, this film stands unique amongst all slasher films as one where the killer is nearly intangible. The driver or fireman would almost always wave to the watching youngsters. The Baltimore Evening Sun. A number of scenes from the film were recreated in Friday the 13th:


We used to play opposite on scrap bit of land we called Jacky Backys. She told us that the area half way down the steps, on the west side, near the portal gateway, was called Jewsy because there had been a Jewish temple there. I ended up in casualty on more than one occasion after falling from the walls! Steve Collier, Edinburgh: Lydia Markham: Dalry Recollections: I then went to Jimmie's until John McCall: This was the area of the Shore between the dock gates and Bernard Street Bridge.

It was also the name for King's Wark Pub. March 15, The Jungle 3 1. This was the the name by which an area of the ponds at Inverleith Park was known. We gained access via the tunnel from the pond. Sandy Philip, Edinburgh: March 17, My wife, who is a Leither, tells me that when they talked about Cadiz Street, they called it Kaydae Street.

Pilton Drive North and Granton Crescent. February 12, " We balanced on a single skate went fleein' doon the street. Eric Bower, Comely Bank, Edinburgh: My mum would say that the bogyman lived there , and if you don't come up the brae and in to the house by a certain time he will come out and catch you and put you in a bag.

By God that myth always worked for us kids. Eric Gold, East End, London: December 15, Springfield Street , Leith. Shurely Shome Mishtake, as big ' Tam ' Connery might have said. Springfield Street, as I recall, just round the corner from where I used to live, was the Khyber Pass. Springfield street had a high proportion of Asian tenants, and, whereas in most places, clothes were dried in the back green, in Springfield Street, there were washing lines across the street, on which I remember saris and turban cloths being dried in the summer.

It was an exotic riot of colour in the sun. Is this perhaps a false memory? Springfield Street is the one street in Leith that I can ' t remember ever having ventured into. I only looked down it from Leith Walk. It seemed like another country! August 29, Jane Street, Leith.

This was entirely due to the high number of Asian families who lived in those streets. Today giving those streets that name for that reason would probably be considered to be racist. Some of the visitors to your site may be interested to learn that the seaside town of Whitby in North Yorkshire actually has a street called Khyber Pass.

Donald Grant , Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland: There, we used to pick brambles, raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrants , which all grew wild. We also used to collect rosehips and sell them to our school Headmaster, Mr Hector MacPherson, a formidable gentleman, who gave us 6d per pound. Pat Reid, Edinburgh: Message in EdinPhoto guest book: I remember people calling it the King's Park until long after the Coronation.

September 2, The Klondike Grand tenements at the corner of Hawthornvale and Lindsay Road, Newhaven - so christened because the date they were build related to the Canadian Gold Rush.

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It's a long walk to get there from the shore! John Dinwoodie, Granton, Edinburgh: See the messages below: The Lane - 1. These events took place in a bit of wasteland known as 'The Lane'.

We spent mony a happy day playing ' make believe ' there , as there was an echo! This led round to the ' back ' of Pitlochry Place, right beside the railway and the back of Millers' Foundry. My Grandad was a goods train driver and I can just remember how he would ' toot ' the horn as he passed our kitchen window , coming from the St Margaret's depot.

Eleanor Dzivane, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland: We called it Laundry Brae. October 25, It had several names, one being the Salamander. Up until the mids, you could get entry for a jam jar. It was a bit of a flee pit. He always had time for a blether whether he was behind his bar or at a function or match at Easter Road. The last time I had the pleasure of speaking to him was some years ago now, at the official opening of the Hibs training centre at East Mains.

It must have been bought at Binns, not the Leith Provy. Maybe Brian has a collectors' item! November 8, Leithie Leith Academy. It seemed like going to the other side of the world. December 5, Lieberton See ' Pronunciations ' below. It had sidings, one of which was covered with trees.

For years, this was known as 'Little Texas', and is still fondly remembered as such, even now. William Dutton, Colinton, Edinburgh: This was the site of Lochinvar Camp, a naval training establishment in the s. The camp was passed to Edinburgh Council in and was used for the next ten years to house homeless families who did not qualify for council housing.

November 15, The Longie A back green at Dalry, used for games " I have memories from the age of 5 in to 15 of growing up in Caledonian Place , Dalry. As children , we played all the usual street games as , elsewhere , but there was one big bonus , the Back Green.

After the Air-raid shelters were taken down , a long strip of land was left. It was affectionately known as ''T he Longie '. It served as a Football, Cricket and Rounders pitch. August 18, 2 emails. Lornie Lorne Street Primary School. I was born in 32 Upper Viewcraig Row in and lived there for eight years. I think we climbed every rock on the C rags in King's Park at some point or other.

He was as popular up here as in Nottinghamshire". We lived at 17 Grassmarket next to the Vennel. March 17, The Meedies The Meadows. October 8, I " On the way back from a visit to the Meedies , I used to call in to the Caley Station for a bit of free entertainment. January 6, " Living in Bristo Street, as I did, I spent many hours at the Meedies, especially during the school holidays when we would be packed off with a 'piece'.

The main door and the infants' playground and entrnce were in Bryson Road. The girls entered from Tay Street and the boys from Watson Crescent. Elizabeth Serle: May 4, The Merry "The Merry was a nickname for a large common area at Niddrie that was surrounded by houses. It had some swings and a few steel bars you could swing on.

There were small trees around this common area and when it rained we used these for shelter until the rain went off. Sometimes we would have a few sneaky cans of Tennents lager in the trees, hoping nobody would notice. Stewart Fraser, Niddrie: It was a close , I think in the Grassmarket. I remember the words coming out my mouth on occasions, but for the life of me, I cannot remember where it was.

I have a feeling it may have been Wardens close which was at the far east end of the market close , to the well. Hence the reference. The bins were not individual domestic bins, but huge to me as a boy ' Saladin ' bins used by all on a communal basis. The bins were emptied by trucks like American dumpster trucks which lifted the bins over the cab, and emptied the contents into the truck body before returning the bin for reuse.

Watching the truck, and playing in the court were infinitely preferable to being indoors. October 7, The Mighty Block Craigmillar. A cycle route, near Craigmillar. I got lost in it as a wee boy and a police search was instigated! When I was located, oblivious to any fuss, my dad was so furious with me. Does anyone remember it? Lindsay Russell, Edinburgh: November 6, "I lived at 10 Learmonth Crescent from until I have copies of maps dated and which show cranes in what appears to be a compound at the west end of Comely Bank Grove.

I can also remember there being an area of compacted sand which we played in as kids. Ian Young, Hawick, Borders, Scotland: But a very elderly neighbour of mine , who had lived in Belgrave Crescent Mews in the early years of the century , said that this was the site of ' Mick's farm ' and that there had been a stream there in her childhood.

May 16, I was very quiet to begin with, but became quite a tomboy. Ruth Holloway, New Town, Edinburgh: October 13, 2 emails Montaygi Street Montague Street. September 27, Morningsaid See ' Pronunciations ' below. I don't know what its purpose was but I suspect it harboured an air raid shelter during the war.

It certainly was somewhere we played on quite a lot. Jan 6, The Muir Boroughmuir School. Margaret Kortas, British Columbia, Canada: October 17, The first verse of the Boroughmuir school Song begins: Every Saturday night we would be there as soon as the pubs closed at 10pm.

May 22, " I was one of the roadies with Reflection from and we played the Nash almost every Saturday night. Usually the last spot after a wonderful couple of hours playing the Top Storey!!! September 9, It was behind the school, near the Peacock Hotel, at Newhaven. Niddron A person from the Greater Craigmillar area. November 8, O Oakie.

That's where Young Brothers' vans were loaded for deliveries. We played there and looked for cakes and buns when the vans were away. Tom Harrison, Buckstone, Edinburgh: Leith Palace Cinema at the foot of Leith Walk. Jim Macfarlane, Edinburgh: September 17, Parkie Park Keeper. Allan Dodds, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England "The Parkie the park-keeper, from the days when the Council employed retired men to guard public parks, including swing-parks.

They wore a black uniform and peaked-cap, and looked to all the world like prison warders. In my local swing-park in Montgomery Street, the Parkie had to ensure the equipment was not abused and the ' No Ball Games! Kids were often cruel in the way they would taunt the Parkie until they drove him to distraction. September 2, The Peffy Peffermill school.

The Peffy burnt down in Tam Smith, Germany: Alex McEwan, Australia: June 4, Penny Bap A large stone in the water at Seafield. If you took a running jump, you could scramble up it. We used to watch the men burning wee piles of sewage. August 29, Penny Tenement " Our homes penny tenements were classed as single - ends and consisted of a single room with a sink and a fireplace.

My parents had 3 children when we were living there, so things were a bit tight. When my mum had her fourth child we were moved to a housing scheme in Craigmillar. A penny tenement was used to house the families of returned servicemen. I never asked my parents what this meant but I worked it out that they paid a very low rent until they could find better accommodation.

Here, Bob Henderson writes with a different explanation of how the Penny Tenements got their name. As you will gather from some of the stories on the web site , they were never properly maintained. Sitting here writing this and thinking back , they were pretty disgusting , but in spite of this we mostly had a wonderful childhood. Hence all the great memories. I can ' t remember who told me about this transaction but I do believe it to be true.

October 7, Petty France Little France. It also used to be known as 'Petty France', possibly a corruption of Petite France, home for Mary Queen of Scots' French servants, while she lived at nearby Craigmillar Castle in the 16th century. June 30, The Picky The Picturedrome. That's where we went for the Saturday matinee. We were pushed along a wooden form as far as possible to get us all on.

Ballantyne Place overlooked this piece of waste ground , prior to the demolition and rebuilding of Ballantyne Road. In summer, we held our own Olympic Games there, competing with our neighbours from Bowling Green Street when we were not fighting with them. We used: I'd better not confess to the mischief I and classmates got up to! October 14, The Pineapple "Amongst so me of the Catholic families, there were members of our street football team.

As a native of Clydebank, I can assure you that 'The Pineapple' is not unique to Edinburgh and its environs. It is, of course, rhyming slang for chapel, and is was? Tom Inglis, formerly Clydebank, Scotland: The van in the photo belonged to an old character from Loanhead.

He was known as 'Piper Thamson'. He was an old soldier who made a living collecting cardboard for recycling, and collecting the old wooden tomato boxes which he sold to the local gardening nurseries". It is the land in the background of this picture. The Planny is where we always played football, or sometimes we would go up to the circle , a bricked wall area in the shape of a circle , great for keeping the ball in , which was in the new houses across from Bingham Road, just to annoy the residents.

John Aird, Fife, Scotland: May 20, The road then turned left and went to Holyrood Square. We used to dreep over the wall into the plantations. Access to this sylvan retreat was either through the cattle sidings at the back of the cattle market or via Hutchison Loan. Interesting that there was Inglis Green Laundry backing on to the Water of Leith near where the old maps show bleaching fields.

Tradition dies hard doesn't it? Lizzie Stenhouse: It may have been because it was muddy at the bottom of the close. Polly Park Redhall Public Park. His brother, Cyril , ran the laundry. They had the two big houses beside the footpath into the Redhall Public Park.

We called it the 'Polly Park'. Opposite , there was a small shop still functioning which we affectionately knew as ' Pollywonskie's '. The owner , I guess , was Polish. I remember his cat in the window and the sales offers that he wrote in white chalk across the glass. July 30, Ponderosa "This was the colloquial name given to the low density housing part of the Leith Fort housing estate.

It's taken from the TV series, 'Bonanza', but the reasoning defeats me. July 30, Porty 1. Jim Irvine: January 12, 2. Portobello Beach. An open air pool with a 'wave machine', situated beside Portobello Power Station. It opened in and was demolished in I'm sure, in the '50s and '60s, there was no time limit. You took your towel and sandwiches and sunbathed on the terraces.

November 12, Powdie Powderhall dog track. Keith Barker Main: November 27, Puddockie I expect most people never saw this name written down. Contributors have come up with a variety of spellings, including: November 6, 2. April 9, 4. Jim Duncan, New Brunswick, Canada,: May 22, September 5, It was kids' fishing for tiddlers ' territory.

It was where the bridge crossed a section of the Water of Leith, just past Warriston cemetery. June16, 8. April 1, 9. November 8, November 12, Which one? I had my first pint there , bought for me by my grandfather. It was on the corner of Nicolson Square , opposite the Surgeons ' Hall. Incidentally above it was the room where the first - timers to the Central School of Ballroom Dancing were introduced to their first ' , '.

It must have been good; my grandad, who was severely hampered by rheumatoid arthritis and Paget's Disease , would travel there from Craigmillar for a pint or two! Jim Little, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: It had a sliding door which could be shut.

So we used to go in there and lock the door if it had a snib. All my mates went to Castlebrae. Jimmy Dickson, Easter Road, Edinburgh: Ian Stewart: November 12, Sally Ann 1. March 17, 2. Baxter Place. Jim Duncan, New Brunswick, Canada: May 22, "In his poem, 'Fitbaw in the Street' written when he was a student in , Robert Gairloch described boys, dodging away from the Police, going via Cockie Dudgeons, the Sandies and the Coup on their way to Puddocky.

Elsewhere, Robert Gairloch, describes his family's allotment as 'a poor bit of ground named 'The Sandies' , opposite our house Bellevue Road , a disused sandpit. James McEwan: It always was a pretty run down cinema ". April 20, The scheme Photo 1. Did 'scheme' refer especially to an estate comprising rented corporation houses, rather than privately owned houses?

Photo 1 was sent to me by Paul Sutherland who wrote: I took this photo in , when the houses were about to be demolished. Paul Sutherland, Glasgow, Scotland: I've never seen or heard an explanation of this name". When when you went through the close, there was a wooden structure to the right which was handy when it rained.

We would have played there in the lates and earlys, although i can never recall seeing any children there. March 17, Sheriff Brae. Ian Hastie, Coventry, Warwickshire, England: October 15 , Skinny Woods Craigmillar. Johnni Stanton describes the land lying to the south of the eastern end of Craigmillar Castle Avenue in the s: The Slippery Stane.

Several people have sent their memories of this stone to the EdinPhoto web site, including Tam Croal, the boy on the left in the photograph opposite. Tam Croal, Edinburgh: Every time you went down to the beach, which had more pebbles than sand, you walked past that junction as quickly as possible. I often wondered what was in the water but could never find anybody to ask.

The steep slope was great for guiders ". September 24, "Kim Traynor's comments above about Smokey Brae are generally quite right. Our our houses were back-to-back and our mothers used to communicate through the pantry wall. When toddlers, Helen and I were baby sat together. Granton Square. December 5, 2. St Andrew Square. Speaking of her mother, who lived to the age of eighty-three, Margaret Gunda wrote: Frank Ferri, Newhaven: Read about it here: Station Brae.

Douglas Roberts, New Town, Edinburgh: July 22, The Steamie Public Laundry. Allan Dodds, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England: October 21, Stinky Lane Silvermills Lane. The lane had an open sewer. Ian Lutton, Trinity, Edinburgh: August 23, Stockaree Stockeree Stockbridge.

December 20, and Shirley Thompson, South Africa: March 29, and. Alex Dick: May 5, The Store "St. Cuthbert's Co-op later, Scotmid was always referred to as 'The Store'. I bet they still know it! They kept Joe in the main school in Lochend Road. He was top of his class. T hey moved me to 'Strangs', the annex in Hawkhill Avenue where, just before I left, I was the top of the lowest class!

June 26, Street of a Thousand Smells Fountainbridge. Just lovely. A defence tower built on the shore during the Napoleonic Wars, just east of Imperial Dock. March 17, The Martello Tower. It was probably called this because it was one of the first roads to have tar on it. We ran our guiders on it because it was relatively smooth , and was very fast.

A small street off Drum Street, Gilmerton. Hence the name. Archie Young, Moredun, Edinburgh: May 1, The Tiv. Tivoli cinema, Dalry Road. September 17, The Tinny. The washhouse. I also went to Tynecastle School and used ' The Tinny ' washhouse. Northern England: July 28, Toley Tollcross. I went there once, to the cheap seats which were wooden forms.

I didn't fall asleep. Danny Callaghan, October 19, Ron Goldie, Peine Germany: August 8, St Anthony's school, Lochend Road. Is there any substance to the scary rumours of plague-graves in that area? October 18, "Does anyone remember when all us school kids went to the meadows to a spot near Bruntsfield called Tumbles Hollow to stick sixpenny saving stamps on a Lancaster Bomber.

Margaret Cooper, Tollcross, Edinburgh: We were sent there many times by our mum when she desperately needed sugar or soap or something,. It was very handy in an emergency and luckily she always had sweeties too, like the 'Penny Dainty', much loved by us all. October 6, Tyney. Tynecastle School. I had so many Maths teachers, I forgot all their names.

Each had a different way of teaching Maths. Hence , I failed Maths on leaving Tyney in October 17, 0. A pend was an archway under a house. There used to be one along Bread Street. One of my pals used to talk about going ' up the pend '. T he flat or house above looked as though it was hanging there.

I've an idea that there was also one near South Clerk Street. May 8, 1. They are shown on large-scale Ordnance Survey maps by a cross through the building. May 11, 2. Jan Brown: June 15, 3. The subjects include: October 12, Louisa's book has been written but not yet published. Up the Woods. This was , of course , the Wauchope estate. We used to think a witch lived in the big house.

Whoever lived there must have been sick of us kids shouting 'Auld granny witchy; yer bums awfy itchy'. March 18, Up the town. It had a machine on the counter which was for the purpose of making V ant a s drinks. I never had one myself , but we used to buy V ant a s cubes which we sucked. Jim Suddon, Morningside, Edinburgh: Is this, perhaps, an abbreviation of 'Adventure Playground'?

October 14, " I played in the Venchie for years. I used to go there every day: The whole complex was called 'The Venchie'. This included the indoor activities. Ian Smith, Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland: But then a laugh comes, and then another, as the comedian manages to navigate a path through one of the most delicate subjects in society today.

In a year where sexual abuse and harassment have been discussed almost daily in newspapers, on television , in boardrooms and in the halls of government, the final frontier for the Me Too movement might just be comedy. As Nate confides in the crowd about his troubles with women and demonstrates his drinking prowess, the show builds to a tense confrontation with issues of consent.

But comedy, Palamides says, has the benefit of diffusing the tension around a normally taboo subject. For Kiri Pritchard-McLean, a British comedian performing a sell-out run of her show Victim, Complex , the world of comedy is uniquely suited to having difficult conversations. The term gaslighting comes from the British play Gas Light and film starring Ingrid Bergman , in which a husband manipulates his wife to believe she is going insane.

An abusive relationship may not be the most obvious material for comedy, but Pritchard-McLean is not afraid of approaching sensitive subjects. Her most recent show was about child grooming and she has a podcast, All Killa No Filla , about serial killers. Things to Know Before You Go. Six floors are filled with illusions, puzzles, and optical tricks.

At the top of the building is the Camera Obscura show. During the show, see live moving images of Edinburgh projected onto a viewing table via a periscope. Or, just enjoy the view over Edinburgh from the rooftop. It is one of the best views of the city. At the Scotch Whisky Experience, learn about the distilling of scotch whisky. Your tour starts with a barrel ride through the virtual distillery and ends with a whisky tasting.

We did the Gold Tour, which included a tasting of four whiskies from different regions of Scotland. If you are traveling with kids, they are allowed on the tour. Tyler and Kara had a good time, especially during the short, educational barrel ride. Of course, children are not permitted to taste the whisky. For full details on the tours offered, visit the Scotch Whisky Experience website.

If you move fast, you can visit the Camera Obscura and take a tour at the Scotch Whisky Experience before lunch. There are several restaurants in the immediate area. Normally, we do not recommend having lunch in the main tourist area, but since the afternoon continues on the Royal Mile, it is convenient to eat here.

This is a cozy pub with a small menu, serving Scottish food, beer, wine, and of course, whisky. For the remainder of the afternoon, continue the walk down the Royal Mile. Go shopping, take a break at a pub for a pint of beer or a dram of whisky, and have your photo taken with one of the street performers. During the walk down the Royal Mile, there are several places we recommend visiting.

The steeple of St. This church was built in the 14 th century and today is the main church of Edinburgh. It is free to visit although donations are welcome. The ceiling of the nave is a brilliant blue and definitely worth a look. This is the perfect tour to learn about medieval life in Edinburgh. With our entertaining guide, we learned what it was like to live in Edinburgh during these hard times.

If you want an interesting history lesson about Edinburgh, we highly recommend this tour. Tours last one hour. If you are visiting Edinburgh on a weekend or during peak season, we advise booking your tickets in advance. Visit their website for more information. This is a must visit for whisky aficionados. They offer tastings and have an extensive knowledge of whisky. If you are looking to bring a bottle of whisky home as a gift or a souvenir, this is a great shop to visit.

The Royal Mile ends at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. This palace is the official residence in Scotland of Queen Elizabeth. She resides here about one week every year. When the Queen is not here, the Palace is open for visit. One of the main attractions are the chambers of Mary, Queen of Scots. This large, grass covered hill is the remains of an extinct volcano that erupted million years ago.

There are several options for reaching the summit. For an easy walk with views out over the best of Edinburgh, walk the Salisbury Crags. Our day ends with a fabulous dinner. Leave the touristy Royal Mile behind and venture out to the neighborhood of Stockbridge. This was our favorite meal in Edinburgh. If you want to dine on traditional Scottish food cooked perfectly, this is your place.

Items on the menu include roasted bone marrow, ox tongue, fish and steak pies, mashed potatoes, cabbage with bacon, and chocolate and whisky mousse. The food is delicious and many things we tried here were brand new to us. I highly recommend putting this experience on your list of things to do in Edinburgh.

And I also highly recommend making sure you have a reservation for dinnerthey are busy and fill up fast. This museum has a little bit of everything: If you are traveling with kids, this museum is your best bet to keep them entertained.

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Our website uses cookies. I was born in 32 Upper Viewcraig Row in and lived there for eight years. My spelling may be wrong! David wrote:

Only Happy When It Rains:

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In a dark theater in Edinburgh, Scotland, an audience sits back to enjoy an hour of live comedy. Jim Smart, Bournemouth , Dorset, England: We played there and looked for cakes and buns when the vans were away. If you are visiting Edinburgh on a weekend or during peak season, we advise booking your tickets in advance. Jason writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift hired to script the new film.

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