Saigon Massage Parlours

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The girl looked tired. How much should I pay? If you are in Hanoi nightlife check out: I suppose. Anonymous February 13, at 8: Any recommendations for bbbj's within walking distance? Anonymous September 11, at

Vietnam Part 0 Prequel (Asian Massage Parlour)

I have been a lucky at Flamingo Spa. Its a legit Spa, but u can get lucky. I do not prefer the Vien Dong style. Paid the guy escorting me to the room K VND to get me a good girl. Tall, great tits, nice smile, 25yo been working there a few years. I tipped her 1mil VND and she was happy with that, no arguing.

Happy days. Will be going in the coming month. Correct and they close at 5am, so you need to get there before 3am to get a massage. Hi are there any safe not sleezy places you recommend that give females massages with happy endings?? Went Vien Dong and Dai Nam earlier this week. Both are very pampering. Girls are pretty, sweet, good figure and excellent service. Thanks Harvie for the info!

Hi guys, I am just wondering that if I want a full service massage, is district 10 gonna be my only choice? Or is it just better to head out to Dai Nam or Vien Dong? Looking for a place with pretty women and happy ending massage. I was at Nguyien Thiel street very close to the Sheraton hotel in D1. Ground floor is a art gallery, 2. Floor the massage parlor. Girls will approach you from the road.

The girl was really nice. Short before finishing with the massage she surprisingly started with a bj. I could touch her hips and even between her legs!!! She asked if I want to fuck for 1. I was running out of cash and sadly denied. Finally got a little BJ and HJ for totally k.

How much and how much tip? You get a Sauna, bath, massage, and happy ending.

Massage Parlour In Southampton

The first girl was fine with a , tip, but the 2nd girl was shocked that I was giving her so little so I gave her , more. She was like. It was weird, because the first girl was so much better too. I paid , vnd. Well worth it. The massage was awesome and my girl was beautiful.

The tip is what it is. The girl I got looked almost mixed. Very pretty, young and polite. Massage reminded me of a Thai massage which was decent. The hand job at the end was good. Wanted to finger her but her shorts were so tight and she said just play with her tits but my hand kept going down to find the honeypot.

Well worth every penny! Guys, I went to 2 3 massages and spas but was not getting baby massage. You will compulsorily get spa, naked with few gentle touches to your wee. After that she will dry you with towel. Massage your back. Then comes the important part, baby massage. She will let you lick her nipples and will lick yours too and simultaneous hand job.

I jerked so hard it went into her eyes. Girl was very beautiful, around 20 yrs. I tipped her k, even though she asked for k. Hey when you guys book the VIP room is the sauna a private one or is it shared with other customers? Can you skip the sauna and steam? So I just went to Dai Nam today. It was great service. You want to use the door to the left of the ATM.

After which you exit the corridor into a small parking lot and the door to the right is the massage place. I went for the VIP room for k. I tipped him k for a girl who speaks English. The lady was beautiful and spoke enough English to give instructions but not enough to have a proper conversation. The rooms are exceptionally clean and the massage itself was very good.

You are allowed to touch pretty much wherever you want once you have agreed on the baby massage. But not once did I feel unwelcome here. At Dai Nam and Vien Dong you pay the tip at the end when you leave. At other places which appear to be normal massages, you would per her directly. Took a VIP room for close to k and tip the guy k and got myself a good looking and large tits girl.

When the girl entered the room and washing me naked, my baby immediate stood up to greet her. The way they dressed is so seductive that you cant resist it! Massage was great and each time i look at her or her tits she would electrify me with her warm smile. Something different in this girl is she didnt asked me for tip when she gave me the happy ending.

In the end, she insisted for me to tell her how much i want to tip her. Afterall with such great service i have decided to tip her 1mil like any other girls would be expecting to keep her happy. Business as usual, go upstairs, choose the girl, pay k, and relax. Re open 29th. Thinking of going to an actual massage tonight. Out of minh tam, minh tam 2, vien dong, and dai nam, which do you guys reccommend?

All of them 9s and above, easily!! I paid 30USD in total, including tips. My girl was stunning, young and with a really hot body. The massage, however, was mediocre at best, and the handjob was alright, nothing special. Went to Vien Dong 2nd floor and get a full body massage. Lift is on the left after enter the hotel entrance. The girl was so cute and hot.

She asked how much i can tip her for baby massage. I gave k tip because she is polite and keep smiling. She said i can touch all her body and ask me to put my finger into her panty. Definitely will do visit again because the service is good and try another massage. Thanks guys for the info. Let me write my experience in hotel Vien Dong in August , so it may be useful for you.

I selected the best service in super VIP room. They allowed me to select the girl. But they were only 4 or 5 and not so young. I selected the best looking woman. I think she was around years old. First I had steam sauna in full naked next day I caught a cold , then the woman gave a shower and then head to the massage table in full naked. The total course was for 2 h.

After min massage she asked whether I need hand service and I asked how much. She told K with dress and for 1 million VND she will go full naked and I can touch and finger her. I selected 1 million. I asked her for a full service with extra money but she told it is not allowed and the management is very strict about that.

I finished everything, paid her 1 million and she was very happy. Then I got her phone number and I added on Zalo and later we chatted. Then she added me on Facebook and we are still FB friends. From FB, I understood that she has a 6 or 7 year old son. Before leaving I noticed that out of 1 million, she gave K to the counter and she took the other K.

Does anyone have any info on Binh Chang district on the edge of D7? There are lots of short time hotels around with couples in and out all night long but i have no idea if girls are inside or what the rates or services are. Any ideas??? Spa Lotus in HCM was my spot.

Went there almost every day recently and sampled 3 different girls from there. At one point I had two at a time. The quality was very nice and the girls were beyond friendly. Tips were varied but you could haggle. We took selfies, became fb friends all of that yes they have normal lives. It is in district 1. You have to go through a Jewelry store to get to it up on the second floor.

I got the business card along with memories I wont soon forget. The process was the same every night. You pick your girl he gives you a price. Then you pay him for getting you the girl. Then someone will come and walk you an the girl to a hotel that asks no questions where you will pay an exorbitant rate for an hour or two. Then at the end of the session the girl will ask for a tip, usually around , The girls were all very nice.

No problems with feeling like they would steal from me. Heck they even shower me and shower themselves before each session. In the end it was quite pricey. Learn from me on that one as for walkup they would want ,, It CAN be had for cheaper if you are smart. But we all have to start and learn from experience.

The first time can be intimidating. First of all, huge thanks to Harvie. This site and guides made my holiday in Vietnam a WAY better!! Then to the point. Visited Vien Dong last night You will find spa taking elevator on your left from Vien Dong hotel lobby. There were some guys outside hotel who took me up to spa. I took VIP room for k. Guy at frontdesk told me there is 40min wait for VIP.

I decided to wait and they took me to another lounge with really nice lounge seats and free footmassage. Had one bier, watched football and took footmassage while waiting. After about 30 mins the guy from frontdesk came back to pick me up. I was pointed to a third smaller lobby where host pick me up and took me to VIP room.

When he showed me around the room facilities, I tipped him k for a good looking and english speaking girl. Before leaving host told me to undress. VIP rooms are private with own bathtube and saunas. You can put your belongins to a locker, its safe. Then came the masseuse and oh boy she was hot!! Really pretty girl, told she was 25, she was smiling a lot during 2h treatment.

She also got nice and round tits too. I took both saunas because im from Finland. Meanwhile masseuse went to get me some drinks and fruits. She did really good and arousing bathing! Massage itself was really good and relaxing. I once went to a hotel for a sports massage, at the end she kept trying to touch me and encourage extra services. Her mood changed and she started to sob for 10 minutes.

Some girls offer blowjob services, only a few offer the full package and you need to ask around the expat community to find them. You can find and have a good Saigon massage in any part of the city. Central ones in District 1 are more comfortable and closer to western standards.

The price is higher, the girls speak English and expect a large tip. District 3 and 5 are good places too and happy endings are more likely there. This goes for both sexual and non-sexual massages. This can catch people by surprise. As with most things in Vietnam, people see foreigners as dollar signs and will do almost anything to get your money.

There are two in particular to be aware of. The first is that someone goes through your locker and when you confront them they become aggressive. The other is when two girls are working on you one appears to have a coughing fit and excuses herself to drink water whilst the other works heavily on your neck as a distraction.

As she exits she slips her hand in your clothes hanging on the door and takes something to give to her friend outside. Typically, if someone is actively trying to get you to have a super cheap massage, they will have ulterior motives. Stick to the street-side options for a no-thrills Saigon massage with pampering. For more action, Hotels with a massage room upstairs with the elevator are notorious for offering sexual services.

Expect to pay a hefty entrance fee as a foreigner and anticipate the girls appearing desperate to give you a hand-job. The reporters went undercover and took jobs in some of these places to see what the training and work was like. To their credit they do seem to have spent a good amount of time embedded in the industry, getting to know the people involved, and not trying to push too hard to get some kind of preconceived story out of it.

To work as a masseuse, one needs a license but most, if not to say all, massage parlors fake papers for their massage employees. Meanwhile, new employees at massage parlor TN had to learn erotic massage first. At this parlor, we were told by a manager named Ngan to wait in front of a massage room at 10 a.

Through a glass on the door we saw a man lying comfortably in the bath tub and being meticulously washed from head to foot by a scantily-clad masseuse. Suddenly, the customer looked at the door, spotted us and grumbled some words.

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In Vietnam everything can be bought with money. It is not so good because I am talking about getting laid. I might end up busted in part of a sting operation and I could end up in court and jail. From FB, I understood that she has a 6 or 7 year old son. Most people go for blowjobs. Although the official massage time per session is 1 hour, old Thao can complete one in as short as 15 minutes and hence has more time to take on additional customers. A is VND1.

6 Happy Massages in Vietnam:

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  • B is VND1.
  • Hi, Any spa withing walking from Pullman, without going to Ben Than market?
  • If you are in Hanoi nightlife check out:.
  • After the bath she drying me and seduce me if I want a 3rd releasewell that too much.
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  • another one massage parlours saigon what
  • There is no secret that the bigger the tip, the bigger the motivation of the masseuse.

Happy ending in Saigon, Vietnam

Some girls offer blowjob services, only a few offer the full package and you need to ask around the expat community to find them. Next thing the lounge waiting area. Girl arrived, bathed me which was good! Good rooms and facilities. If you want the "special" treat after your massage. Another good thing is that they are not as aggressive.

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