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Coaching Services. In Office Services Traveling Services. Able to sleep comfortably and uninterrupted for the week following the treatment. Mat, what a fantastic experience. The massage room is perfectly set up to provide the greatest massage experience possible. Want More?

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It is a classic massage that will ease your stress and allow you to slip into a calm state of relaxation. Pregnancy Massage Pregnancy massage focuses on addressing the special needs of expecting women, and new moms. Side-lying postures are used to prevent putting pressure on the abdomen. Deep Tissue Massage Designed to remove severe tension, deep tissue massage is a technique used to relieve both muscles and connective tissue below the surface.

It helps to improve range of motion and heal injuries below the surface. The special focal areas available are: Massage for two. Great for couples, best friends, and Moms and Daughters! Massage oil or cream is used with smooth, gliding strokes. Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment Raindrop therapy brings total balance, harmony, and body wellness - mental, physical, and emotional.

Essential oils are used to stimulate the nerves. It is used as a tool to provide a healthy balance to the body. It detoxifies by eliminating toxins and bacteria deep in the body and helps to boost the immune system. Foot Reflexology Through application of pressure on areas of the feet reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and helps promote the natural function of the related areas of the body.

Chair Massage Chair Massage is performed with the recipient fully clothed, seated in a specially designed chair. It is excellent for relaxation. Parafin Hand Treatment Warm, soothing fragranced parafin liquid is applied to the hands and allowed to cool and form to the hands prior to its removal. This treatment will leave your hands feeling immensely softer! Parafin Foot Treatment Warm, soothing fragranced parafin liquid is applied to the feet and allowed to cool and form to the feet prior to its removal.

This treatment will leave your feet feeling immensely softer! Pore Refining Luxury Facial Massage Luxurious pore refining products are applied to the skin of the face, neck, and decollete. After the products are removed, the skin is nourished with a serum that is designed to further refine the pores. After the products are removed, the skin is nourished with a serum that is designed to further lift and firm the skin.

Couples Massage Immersion Class. Enter service address to determine availability. Apt, suite or room number. Street Address. Use This Address. Service Name Bodywork Services.

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Chair Massage Chair Massage is performed in a specially designed chair with your clothes on. It is excellent for relaxation and more, depending on the technique s used by your massage therapist.

MaryAlice T. LA Request Appt. About Services Reviews. To assist individuals in achieving their greatest potential physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually through the use of massage therapy techniques. Why do I do what I do? It is not only my passion, it is my calling. Bodywork Services Coaching Services. Pregnancy Massage. Deep Tissue Massage. Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment.

Foot Reflexology. Chair Massage. Parafin Hand Treatment. Parafin Foot Treatment. Pore Refining Luxury Facial Massage. Bodywork Services Chair Massage. Everything was amazing. All categories Bodywork. Service Received: Pregnancy Massage with MaryAlice T.

Foot Reflexology with MaryAlice T. Fantastic work. Mary Alice knows a variety of techniques and knows how to combine them to concentrate on your individual specific needs. Highly recommend that you try her out. I've had many massages and this was my best yet. This is my new go-to massage place!

Massage with MaryAlice T. Much more reliable than previous masseuse!!!! Fantastic therapist! Highly personable, great massage reflexology.. I would highly recommend her to anyone. MaryAlice knows exactly what points need to be worked to relieve pressure and pain. Thank you so much for helping my husband and me to feel better!

Great atmosphere, great experience, great massage therapist! MAT was attentive to all my problem areas, and open to suggestions. My only complaint, a little pricey. Mat, what a fantastic experience. Thank you! After reading so many favorable reviews about Uncommon Massage and, in particular, MAT, I scheduled a session and thoroughly enjoyed the total experience.

Everything was great Mary Alice explored all areas of my life to pinpoint my pain and needs. She was professional yet made me so comfortable I felt like she was a friend. She creates a relaxing atmosphere even though the tenant above her can be heard as this is an older building.

MAT is a great massage therapist and goes out of her way to take care of her client's needs. It is the most relaxing two hours on a Sunday that I have all day! She is the Best of the Best. The room setting is relaxing. Another perfect massage as always. The price was a bit steep from what I am used to, however, Mary made up for it with her professionalism, knowledge and skills.

Will be a repeat customer soon. What I really liked about my appt. No dislikes Mat is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After two major back surgeries, it's wonderful to have somewhere that you can further your healing process passed the physical therapy. It soothed my mind and gave me increased energy to complete my day's work.

Uncommon Massage provided a relaxing environment and MaryAlice is undoubtedly a highly skilled body-worker. I will do this again and I highly recommend the reflexology massage as a terrific experience. That attention to detail and assessment is not only a game changer in regard to the ending result; but, it also highlights how she values her clients and not the money the clients bring in.

There are so many places focused on the revolving door, in an attempt to get as many in and out as possible to collect as much payment as possible. Here the client is the highest priority. Chair Massage with MaryAlice T. Thanks for making me feel better and working around my schedule!!

Very professional and credentialed. Compared to the other massages I have gotten at other places, it was mediocre. The ambiance was great, the products were great. I'm not used to having to repeatedly ask over and over again for more and more pressure. Aw was very focused on the areas I asked to be worked on, just not enough pressure at all.

It just felt like I was just being rubbed with oil and that's it. I had to take some pain reliever after my massage bc I still felt so bad after and felt zero relief. It was relaxing, but I didn't each the goals I came in for. I know I can be a very picky client, and an hour on upper body can be monotonous and boring for the therapist, but I shouldn't have had to repeatedly ask for deeper pressure more than once or twice.

I did love the fountain and decor and the awesome cherry pit neck wrap afterwards. Upon checkout I wasn't offered a water or anything. I did enjoy my overall experience and would give it another shot but probably for 30mins focused work with deep tissue.

The waterfall in the room was very nice. I could not hear any outside noise. MAT is very skillful and quiet. I was very relaxed at the end of the hour. I had a massage of my neck and back. I had several tender points that were worked and felt so much better afterward. MAT is very competent and very aware of the needs of her clients!

Very professional and relaxed atmosphere. After one hour, I feel healed from stress and tension that accumulates in my muscles. I have had many massages over the years and this is top rated in my books! By far the best massage I have ever gotten! MAT is very knowledgeable, comforting, and sweet. I finally found the perfect, blissful place!

This is the best massage that I have ever had. Massage Emporium offers a wide variety of diverse massage therapies including Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Reflexology, and Sports Massage. Our esthetics offerings are equally as diverse. Completely personalized Facials utilizing professional grade Image Skincare, In-Spa Made Custom Organic Body Wraps, and many other truly luxurious treatments are done in a way to ensure maximum relaxation and optimum results simultaneously!

We've also created an innovative protocol for all body waxing that incorporates steam and a topical anesthetic to make the thorough process as painless as possible. Want the best of both worlds? Check out our Spa Combination Services. These are expertly curated services that combine many of our offerings to generate a feeling of true healing, relaxation, and tranquility.

All this while experiencing a bit of everything we have to offer! With a discounted price for purchasing the package instead of creating one yourself, what's not to love? We also offer out service calls to your home, office, movie set, local affiliated hotel, bridal party, health fair, and more! Want to give the gift of healing?

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At Panda Massage Shop, we put our clients first. I am looking forward to my next massage in a month. Mat was very friendly and professional. Maybe less fragrance in the sheets, since the massage oil probably comes with the aroma mixed in. What a workout! Very thorough. The water feature makes it a relaxing place and helps prevent distractions.

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  1. Massage therapy can relax your muscles to help relieve common stress, boost overall energy, refresh your mental and emotional outlook and positively impact all aspects of your life.
  2. Couples Massage Immersion Class.
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Great atmosphere, great experience, great massage therapist! The room setting is relaxing. Service Received:

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