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After crash landing back on Earth during the s, Carol must recover her past self and save the planet from getting caught in an intergalactic conflict with the help of future SHIELD director Nick Fury. Endgame' Super Bowl Trailer: So far, the box office has not seen a No. Samuel L. The trailer for "Avengers: Endgame" smashed a YouTube record to be the most-watched video in 24 hours, but the character who might just save all the Avengers butts in that film, "Captain Marvel," beat out "Endgame" in a survey of the most anticipated films of Spoiler alert: We'll get a first trailer for the film from Lionsgate on Thursday, but we know interest is high since a lot of fans are still hoping to see Harbour officiate a wedding in costume as Hellboy.

Wednesday morning, Disney fans were starting to get concerned when Entertainment Weekly revealed the first look at Will Smith as the Genie. Only problem: We'd be happy to contact you as soon as this item is available. Simply enter your email address in the space below. Thank you for your interest. We will contact you by email when the item you've requested becomes available.

Transport the hammam environment to your bathroom and give your skin a dose of ultra-rich hydration, when you apply this nourishing Wild Argan Oil Body Butter. With 48hr moisturizing properties, your skin will stay softer for longer. Order by 3pm Eastern Time and you'll receive your order within business days. Experience the sensuality of Morocco's luxurious beauty secret with our Wild Argan Oil collection for ultra-rich moisture and sublime nourishing.

Generations of Berber women have treasured wild argan oil in their beauty rituals and we've taken note. Our precious argan nuts are sourced from the remote Atlas Mountains of Morocco. They are hand-picked, hand-cracked and slowly pressed for pure, radiant Community Trade argan oil. None of us could fathom that our adventure would leave the land of living and descend into the darkness of the dead.

There's no cell service on Lake of the Woods, and we travelled back in time as we paddled across Bald Indian Bay. I'm Rob Campbell and I led the August 4 th expedition to uncover the history, and search for valuable relics in the bowels of Sultana Island. The plan was simple — by canoes it would take us forty minutes to cross the bay.

We planned to explore Sultana Island all afternoon and then return before sunset. It was our objective to find the lost gold mine and rummage around through the remains of some of the original buildings. Sultana is one of the most famous gold mines on the Lake of the Woods.

The original claim was staked in November by Henry Bulmer, who sold the 27 acre property to a group of fifteen men who called themselves the Ontario Mining Company. This group, who did not even bother to register the claim, hired a prospector and a mining engineer from New York to assay their purchase. Caldwell of Winnipeg managed to pick up the claim for a very reasonable price.

He ignored the expert.

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He had visited the site himself and truly believed there was gold in the greenbelt quartz - he was right. Mining operations commenced in the summer of when three small veins were discovered in the rock. This was a steam powered machine that crushed quartz to release gold nuggets from the ore. The machinery was imported from Chicago and its assembly was completed just before Christmas.

The stamps weighed lbs each and were dropped eight inches 92 times a minute in the standard order, namely 1,5,2,4,3. When we arrived at Sultana we found the sandy beach deserted of all life and the shore absolutely full of driftwood.

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Billboard number-one albums: Bubble Dispensers. Maxx Action.

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