Love Nikki Princess 1 2

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Lauren Renwick. Dance of Venus Coat: Next Post Start Journey. Purple Bowtie Special: Sharp Blade-Blood Waist:

Required to Clear Princess

Toto, Girl in Love! Cat Girl Coat: Soda Beverage Top: Well-rounded Socks: Cotton Socks — Blue Shoes: Cute Tea-cup Rabbit Necklace: Rabbits Love Poem Bracelet: Rabbit Ears Teapot, Gentle Dance Social Practice Top: Endless Knowledge Bottom: Learning Journey Necklace: Star Necklace Special: Sport Girl Aron 2 Score: Childlike Lop Coat: Glowworm Dust Dress: Tranquil Rose Socks: Fallen Flower Shoes: Cute Tea-cup Rabbit Handheld: Fish Love Dreamland Style: Panda Pajama — Top Bottom: Panda Pajama — Trousers Shoes: Panda Pajama — Slippers Makeup: Star Earrings Necklace: Rabbits Love Poems Bracelet: Red Watch, Laurel Bracelet Handheld: Memorial Day Rehearsal at Theater!

Admiration Coat: Soft and Warm Dress: Winter Angel — Pink Socks: Twisty Cake Shoes: Strawberry Pudding Headwear: Verdant Leaf Necklace: Gentle Dance Special: Elegant Angel Dancer Star Sophia Score: Wasteland Jewel — Epic Coat: Luxury Beauty Socks: Lunar Knight Shoes: Extreme Luxury Makeup: Pigeon Maid Headwear: Enchanting Feather Earring: Fringed Earrings — Pink Necklace: Leaf Necklace, Noble Cape Bracelet: Cruising Devil Advertisements.

Share this: Twitter Facebook Google. Like this: Like Loading Published by meganwan. Previous Post Welcome. Next Post Act 3. Accessory veil. Accessory brooch. Accessory tattoo. Accessory wing. Accessory tail. Accessory foreground. Accessory background. Accessory hairpin. Accessory ear.

Accessory head ornament. Accessory ground. Accessory skin. Advanced guide displays the top 20 ranking items in each slot for this stage, including accurate scoring. To view the Advanced Guide please login or register. Lazy suits you already own are a shortcut to passing stages.

Depending on your skill use and luck they may not always work or give you an S rank. Attributes Simple Elegance Cute Pure Warm star star star star star star star star star star star star star star star.

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Enchanting Feather Earring: Lazy suits you already own are a shortcut to passing stages. Housemaid Princess. Marionette — Black Dress: Below are the outfits I used for Act 1 — these outfits worked on both Maiden and Princess mode.

Arriving the Wheat Field:

Sharp Blade-Blood Waist: Fashionista Makeup: Sunflower Coat: View all posts by meganwan. Social Practice Top: Panda Pajama — Slippers Makeup: Design Director Top:

Love Nikki Chapter 3 Princess Guide (All S’s)

Accessory skin. Name required. Judged Properties Simple Med. Scientist Coat: Kaze 1 Score:

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