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Secretary to be received not less than 14 clear days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting. Ticket download. Also opposite the school was a Chip shop and the Seven Stars, a former coaching inn, which was popular with staff and older pupils. Edward Strutt, 1st Baron Belper, the nephew of the philanthropist Joseph Strutt , an old boy of the school. They utilize th Widely recognised by the eye patch she insouciantly sported th. Chesterfield Escorts Try to make them change their thoughts about her.

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Helen's House, where it now stands some 15 metres north of its original site. To mark the centenary of the beginning of the First World War on 4 August , the Old Derbeian Society arranged for research to be undertaken into the many names of old boys who had served in the two world wars.

Beside including the names, ranks, military service numbers 69 for the First World War and 48 for the Second, in total , details have also been collected of the servicemen's military medal awards, local press reports, and details of where each man is buried or remembered officially.

This collection has been assembled into three large volumes, and these were handed to the President of the Old Derbeian Society on 9 November , at the conclusion of the Remembrance Day Service held that year, to be held within the Society's archives. During the Remembrance Sunday Services held in both and special emphasis was made to those who had been killed during both the 'Battles of the Somme' July to November and the 'Battle of Passchedaele' July to November Special small wooden crosses with poppies naming the fallen were laid into the lawn fronting the obelisk.

On Sunday 11 November , a Century since the armistice was signed on 11 November , special mention was made that one hundred years had elapsed and the opportunity was taken to plant three small wooden crosses into the lawn in front of the Memorial specially recognising the three fighting services, namely the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force RAF which itself was a Century old since its formation from the Royal Flying Corps in In the school introduced for the first time "The House System" where all the boys in the school were divided into "houses".

Four house names were first proposed: Helen's, Chester, Derwent and Darley. Slowly as House Masters retired the names were revised. Then World War II changed things once again as whilst a good half of the school was evacuated on 2 September to Overton Hall, many pupils were left behind in Derby due to shortage of room - two houses were created at Overton Hall called Greens and Atkinsons whilst those left back in Derby were called Hastings and Mellings.

These names were then retained until Derby School closed down in The houses competed annually for the Cock House Trophy, gained by the house with the greatest number of house points which were awarded by masters for academic, social and sporting achievements. The school was also divided into forms, which were named by a number and the initial of the form master.

The number one was eschewed, so boys started in Form 2. The Fifth and Sixth Forms were divided between lower and upper: For the academic year for the only time at the St. Helen's House site there was a three form entry intake, but then starting in the academic year it reverted to its normal two form entry.

Lessons were held throughout the school, however each form had an allocated form room in either St. Helen's House or B Block. Every student would have a desk in the form room, where he could keep his books; however, around lockers started to be provided on the ground floor of B Block. Leadership at the school was in the hands of the masters, but, as with most schools, older pupils were given responsibility and were appointed praepostors , known as props an appellation still used at Uppingham School and Rugby School or monitors.

The title 'prefect' Praefectus was reserved for the Head Master. The praeposters props and monitors were responsible for the behaviour of younger boys outside lessons in the halls and grounds of the school and were permitted to punish minor breaches of discipline. Such punishment would consist of requiring the boy to report to the praepostors' or monitors' room, where the punishment would be handed out.

One example was to require the boy to put a number of dots - usually four - in each square of an area of a sheet of graph paper - not as violent as the punishments handed out in the Rugby School of Tom Brown's Schooldays. The usual punishment during the late s was to issue 'sides.

This was to complete writing upon a nominated subject over several 'sides' of lined paper. Opposite the school, in a group of three shops, was a sweet shop, which served as the school tuck shop. Also opposite the school was a Chip shop and the Seven Stars, a former coaching inn, which was popular with staff and older pupils.

A bakery on the corner of King Street and Edward Street supplied half loaves of bread to pupils at 'break time'. The centre of the loaf was removed and eaten and then the crust was filled with crisps. In the early s the nearby Lancaster School buildings were absorbed. A daily trek from King Street to Orchard Street for school dinner became part of many routines.

There were also teaching rooms there, notably for art and for geography, and a large area devoted to woodwork lessons on the ground floor. It became a place for football in the playground. In , the St Helen's House building was declared dangerous because of falling tiles and masonry. The school moved to a new site on Moorway Lane, Littleover , in Plans to convert the building into a hotel were scrapped following the economic downturn and the house was converted into offices instead, the first company taking possession in The first headmaster 'Norman' Elliott and deputy headmaster W.

Mr Elliott retired in and died in late July The traditions of the older boys, uprooted from St Helen's House, influenced the new boys. The running of the school was still steeped in history, with praepostors and monitors, and with the houses still competing for the Cock House trophy. Latin remained an important subject. Masters teachers still dressed in suits, with gowns and mortar boards , and used corporal punishment , sometimes publicly after lessons.

There was a strict dress code , and sixth formers could wear boaters on summer days. Lockers did not need locks. Older boys expected respect and obedience from younger boys, although not fagging. Praeposters and monitors could administer punishment. They also had their own rooms, and later the use of the Pavilion, off limits to masters and the lower forms.

The new school had purpose-built Fives courts, where gloved fights between boys with grudges were tolerated as a gentlemanly way of settling disputes. The school continued as a single-sex grammar school until , when it was taken over as a maintained school by Derbyshire County Council, which converted it into a co-educational comprehensive school and greatly increased its size, in buildings and pupils.

At this point, it was still Derby School. However, in the County Council decided to close Derby School and to make the headmaster redundant. In terms of legal identity, this was not the same school, but in some ways it was its successor. Changes in education in the early Twenty First Century saw a further development in when the school on the site became the Derby Moor Academy.

Townsend and this was presented to Derby School. When the school was closed down it was re-presented to the new Derby Grammar School and it currently hangs today in the Library. At the same time the OD Society decided to arrange for a copse of six Maple trees to be planted to the left of the entrance to the then new school main entrance.

The name agreed was The Gillard Copse, which was first planted with new trees in early and in July was formally officially named by the then Bishop of Derby. Fifty years on in the OD Society is considering how to officially recognise this achievement. The entrance hall to Derwent building, the "old" Derby School, features a floor mosaic depicting the Derby School badge.

However, in October a huge redevelopment scheme began to expand the college and buildings to connect the two parts of the college. The proposed removal of the mosaic to another part of the building was found impractical during the building's construction.

It was covered in situ with cheap tiling and by October the gold paint used in the mosaic work is showing serious deterioration. In a general call was made throughout the country for public schools and grammar schools to create and found their own corps. In Tacchella's The Derby School Register, published in , the names of the Captains of the Corps from to are listed.

An entry in Derb Schol Fasci and which was the forerunner of The Derbeian contains the following:. Following the discovery of more historic details and newly found black-and-white photographs, a second edition was published in November Passing out with a Cert.

On returning to the St. Helen's House site in September the JTC continued operations including parades immediately using the main playground in front of 'B' Block, the one behind the School Chapel and the pre-World War II armory in the cloisters near to the Chemistry Laboratory to store their weapons. The building containing the armory had been the Headmaster's house built at the end of the 19th century in along with the cloisters and Chemistry Laboratory.

From to the School Band was not reformed. On occasions the cadets would go to places like the Trent Lock. This became a British Army section, a Royal Air Force section, and around they reformed the band section Military band made up of members of both sections. A parade was held on Friday afternoons: In order to commemorate the beginning of World War I a Century before in the Old Derbeian Society decided for that it would be a useful target if two matters were developed:.

A full research should be undertaken into all the names engraved upon the War Memorial situated in front of St. Helen's House;. Russell Thomas M. A variation of the legend of the motto, forming the school badge, was laid in black and white into a coloured mosaic at the entrance of the new Moorway Lane School in It said "Vita Sine Litteris Mors". The school hymn, Lift Up Your Hearts!

Several people connected to the school have been written about aspects of the school's history. The Derby School Register, , was published in , [26] edited by Benjamin Tacchella, a modern languages master at the school. In June Colin S.

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Widely recognised by the eye patch she insouciantly sported th. Partial - My child has or will receive some of the recommended vaccinations for childhood diseases. John's College, Cambridge, towards the maintenance of such young men educated here as should be admitted into that college. Near to the entrance from City Road there had been built a wooden Sport's Pavilion which included changing facilities and toilets. Following the discovery of more historic details and newly found black-and-white photographs, a second edition was published in November Happy Cafe.

Derby School:

When voting for new Committee members the vote cast by each Club member should be for the number of vacancies, not the number of nominees, i. Jury acquits county commissioner in Kansas fraud case. It is recorded there was conflict within the school that rowing was attracting more members than the cricket club was prepared to allow and therefore responsible for bringing pressure to bear which resulted in the demise of rowing. Abid Mohammed Saddique was jailed for a minimum of 11 years; Mohammed Romaan Liaqat for a minimum of 8 years.

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We offer advice and support on a range of issues including: Legs moving parallel when viewed from front or rear. Derby Reads: Brook - provides free confidential sexual health advice and services specifically for young people under Muscular, active and agile.

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