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Call for more information, reservations and arrangements. See the obituary of her second husband, Roy Winston Alford, in this compilation. Burial will follow in Jehu Cemetery. A native of Chicago, he came to Ocala, from Gurnee, Ill. Family will receive friends from 5 to 8 p.

Bottoms Up Lounge

Everyone Welcome. No Dress Code. Dancers Per Night Club Specials. Update Club Info. Location Address. Use the stars to rate this club: Drinks Price: Vote for your Strip Club. Close Votes. Strip Clubs By City Find the city of your desire, and the clubs that this city has to offer. Expert's Choice Check out where we have been and what we class as this month's expert choice.

For more information about the large discount, as well as tickets to local attrac- earnings as a supplemental source of funding Fitness Center, call Items are available to loan for up to 30 days. Extensions are available on a space-available basis. For more information, call DSN or Postal Ser- vice are in Building The PSC, open 11 a. Monday through Friday and noon to 2 p.

Saturday, provides services to all military members liv- ing in the base dormitories, on TDY and new arrivals in temporary housing status who have no other means of receiving personal mail. A branch office of the Belleville USPS pro- vides postal services for military and civilians, including box rentals, money orders, stamps and delivery of personal mail to base housing residents.

The post office is open 9 a. Monday through Friday and 9 a. Reading Program, professional military educa- Regardless of rank or housing assignment, all ITT participates in the Military Ticket tional curriculums and college classes offered incoming personnel are requested to in-process Voucher Program to extend savings for a on base.

Instructional and recreational pro- through the PSC to ensure any mail that has wide array of hotels, attractions and shows in gramming for adults is also available. Programming for chil- Outdoor Recreation ODR , in Building Broadway series and off-Broadway series dren includes preschool story times, a sum- on East Drive, offers a wide variety of recre- only , NASCAR, Blues hockey games, Rams mer reading program, family story events and ational services and programs for leisure time football games and family events at the Scott after-school activities.

Entertainment coupon books are In the computer lab, personal computers are The equipment rental program includes every- available from August to December. Stop by and get spreadsheets. Internet access is available for equipment to boats, power tools, travel trailers your tickets to fun. For more information, visit email and access to many research databases. Those holding government http: Other services include laser printers, a scanner, identification cards, including civilians and a photocopier and Wi-Fi.

For more nal fee is charged for all rented equipment. The base library's mission is to meet the information, call ODR's exciting year-round adventure pro- educational, organizational and recreational gram offers family fun for all ages and includes requirements of the base community and to LOAN CLOSET caving, fishing, pheasant hunting, backpack- always encourage general browsing.

The Loan Closet offers ing, rock-climbing, hiking, camping and Managing a collection of more than 50, inbound and outbound personnel with a more. Unique local excursions such as bald titles, the library's professional and friendly temporary loan of household items before eagle watching, scuba and sky diving, Hidden staff can assist with information needs from the arrival or after pick up of their household Valley skiing or extended weekend trips to the reference questions to the selection of current goods.

The Loan Locker has the following Wisconsin Dells are also available. Additionally, the library has collec- items available for loan: The library's Integrated Library System allows How to borrow: This system copy of your orders. The Loan Locker is in the parties and more.

The Loan RV storage, monthly yard sales, picnic pavil- libraries for expedient interlibrary loans. Locker is open 7: For more information, visit www. From their website, customers can view account bal- ances for checking, savings, CDs, IRAs and loans. Customers may also transfer funds, pay bills, review electronic statements, research detailed account history, view check images and much more.

The Scott location is open 9 a. For more information, call or visit www. Active-duty and retired volunteers are trained to provide information on current Air Force and Scott events and help retirees find the offices and facilities to answer their questions and respond to their needs.

The office is open 9 a. Monday through Friday except for federal holidays and military down days. For more information, call or visit http: Children of sponsors who live on base attend Mascoutah District 19 schools. Both on and off base, your child's school will be determined by where you live.

Information about area schools is available through the Scott AFB website by selecting "Newcomers" under the Library tab at the top. There are many unique issues for feder- ally connected students transitioning to new schools. To make an informed decision, choose a home within the boundaries of a school dis- trict that will support your child's academic and psychosocial emotional needs.

Once you have secured a place to live, visit the home page of your school to find out starting dates, events, http: Scott Credit Union menu that fits all lifestyles and budgets. Along has 15 area locations: Scott AFB, Caseyville, with great food and discounted prices for mem- Collinsville, East Belleville, West Belleville, bers, it offers karaoke, fight and game nights, Edwardsville two locations , Fairview Heights, football frenzy 11 a.

For details on opening accounts at Scott Log on to www. Call for more information, reservations and arrangements. The lake is vacations and more. Be aware of two military- operated by its members. Services offered stocked with perch, catfish, crappie and blue- specific school code allowances: Scott Lake recreation area hours ular school district within 60 days, your accounts, vehicle and signature loans, mort- are from dawn to dusk.

This beautiful lake is popular with base res- trict without having to pay out-of-district Members can use the Member Service Cen- idents and FamCamp visitors. To make reser- tuition; ter by calling or Scott Credit Union is open to anyone who original school district for the duration lives or works in Madison, St.

It is also open government civilians. The Scott Event Center offers several venues for hosting special functions such as office or squadron parties, retirements, conferences and even wedding receptions; all may be scheduled through our professional catering department. Every Friday it offers "Happy Hour," a social time that includes free food to all guests, and the first Friday of every month it offers "First Friday," which features live entertainment and free food to all guests.

Its famous brunch is served 10 a. The SSC also supports members with various social activi- ties. Their main purpose is to raise money to give back to the base and community and fund its Scholarship Program for Military Depen- dents. For more information, please visit www. Indi- vidual and group lessons are available. Open bowling, organized leagues, tour- naments and youth leagues make the center entertaining for the entire family.

The Amer- ican Bowling Congress sanctions both the leagues and lanes. The clinic charges a ing or phone-in and takeout orders. For more day, Thursday, Friday and the first and third reduced fee for services offered and products information, call Saturday of each month.

Military in uniform that are purchased. Tuesday, All animals are seen by appointment only. Sales hours are 10 a. The shop is closed on federal holi- http: Although the clinic is not ties, both directed and self-directed, for ages Day weekends for all Scott personnel, retirees, able to treat family pets in need of emergency 5 to Qualified water care, the outpatient services include vacci- The center provides for a wide variety of safety instructors also offer group swim lessons nations against rabies, distemper and other interests, including tae kwon do, ballet, tap, throughout the summer.

Spays gymnastics, piano lessons, sports and fitness, For more information or to schedule a private and neuters, X-rays, minor surgical proce- open recreation and many special events. The party, visit www. Assistance for ball, soccer, basketball and gym hockey. Special activities include dances, clothing, furniture, recreational equipment obtained.

Open in Building These items are sold on con- ing, provide treatment for external and inter- recreation is available for youth and teens Mon- signment from service members, retired mem- nal parasites, conduct annual wellness exams day through Friday. Deworming, Child care for children ages 5 to 12 is pro- The Consignor Thrift Shop Committee is health certificates and consultations are also vided through a Summer Fun Program operated by shop volunteers from the Officers' available.

For more information, bers. All proceeds go to worthy activities both over-the-counter pet care products including call Your current out-bound assignments unit should pro- When considering what to bring in your carry-on luggage, include vide you with a checklist of tax tips for your PCS move. Also, include all paperwork and import- ant records required for in-processing.

If you have dependents, Flying hand-carry some necessary basic living items with you. For an advance People who fly commercially to Scott will arrive at Lambert-St. Louis postal address, forward one copy of your orders to your sponsor, orderly International Airport, about 38 miles from the base. From the airport, room or the post office and request a temporary post office address.

This the quickest and most efficient way to get to the base is by MetroLink. You can employee for location assistance. You will need cash for a ticket; it is also email your request to scottinn scott. Contact your sponsor for assistance in reserving quarters. The If you experience an emergency while en route to Scott, the Air Force Aid one-way trip takes approximately one hour and 15 minutes.

Once at the Society is available to assist you at the Airman and Family Readiness Cen- Shiloh-Scott Station, you should have your military identification and ter. If a situation arises between 7: If security forces after duty hours, call It is best to have your of units are designated as pet-friendly. MetroLink television, stove, refrigerator, washer and Damage at Delivery.

Updated fare and items needed to set up a temporary home are Carrier's Responsibility at Destination. Personnel who Carrier Responsibilities http: The primary carrier at origin. Carriers are not required date is known by calling Reser- highway is Interstate Continue straight until material.

This includes one-time place- sors may make the request for reservations. When you arrive at the gate, have your ment of unpacked articles in cabinets, A copy of PCS orders must be provided to military identification ready to show the secu- cupboards or on kitchen shelving when the lodging office before or at the time of regis- rity forces member.

House hunters must provide a copy of of the articles. The carrier is not required to allowed to stay in a TLF is 30 days for incom- Once you arrive on base, report to your unit connect appliances to electric, gas or water ing PCS personnel, seven days for outgoing outlets. This is where you handled by the Joint Personal Property Ship- can start your family member dental cover- ping Office-Northeast.

It isn't necessary arrival, even though you may not have a deliv- to log in to the DPS system with your pass- to in-process prior to visiting the DEERS ery address for your household goods. To set word and complete your claim online. Be sure to bring your marriage certif- up delivery, log in to www. If you need other legal documents on your first visit just Building P, D Wing. Hours are 9 a.

You should also have 4: The Per- cessing Office. The TSP may inspect the dam- your family members' Social Security cards sonal Property Office must have a telephone aged items at any time prior to settlement of the with you. Do not dispose of damaged items until Base newcomers' orientation will be sched- As soon as you have a delivery address for your all parties have inspected the damage or you uled for all personnel during in-processing.

Spouses are invited to attend. The orientation set up your delivery or call the TSP. Accepting To contact the Quality Control Inspector, call is approximately four hours long. Following the delivery of your property as soon as it arrives ; for Customer Service, call For tour opportunity for loss or damage. The mover is Temporary Lodging Facilities provide mod- required to place each piece one time.

Each of the 85 is delivered. A limited number on all copies of the inventory and on the http: All deliveries and transportation entities must comply with the the issuance of sources of identification, such as drivers licenses. The ser- meet these standards.

Drivers available until after the pickup date that is agreed upon by them and the licenses or other state photo identity cards issued by Department of Motor Transportation Service Provider. Sunday through Thursday and midnight to channels for unescorted access. If moving crew members do not have 6 a. A current, valid mil- of a valid firearm owner's identification.

Trigger locks for fire- No child under the age of 12 will be left DOD-approved credential do not require an arms are highly encouraged. If the visit weapons will only be transported to and from or vehicle whether running or shut off. Chil- will last longer than 72 hours, an AF Form 75 hunting, skeet range or any other authorized dren must be at least 16 years old to remain is required.

Chil- Should a visitor's pass be required, the visitor Personnel will not leave weapons unsecured in dren under the age of 12 may be left in the care must have a valid photo ID and an authorized their vehicles. Visitor passes may be requested by an In accordance with the Law Enforce- the age of 12 will not be left in the care of an authorized sponsor electronically from a.

This Cross course on Sitter Care. Refer to Scott AFB vide proof of current insurance and registra- policy applies to qualified law enforcement Instruction , Air Force Installation Secu- tion prior to entry. Military decals are no longer officers and qualified retired law enforce- rity, for further details. Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit on passes, line badges and Defense Biometrics Members must register with the th SFS base is 30 mph.

Housing areas are 15 mph. The VCC and sign an agreement which outlines spe- When drivers are detained for suspected is open 6 a. Monday through cific policies and procedures regarding this driving under the influence of alcohol or Friday and 8 a.

The This authorization may extend to mission form a field sobriety test. Upon failure or Belleville Gate is closed from The Mascoutah Gate is open ignated by the commander of the facility. Monday through Friday for To date, all mission partners have approved breath, blood, urine or a combination of the commercial delivery vehicles and large con- LEOSA-credentialed personnel to "carry" three.

Suspects refusing these tests automat- tractor vehicles only. The Mascoutah Gate is in their facilities with the exception of ically lose driving privileges for 12 months. The legal intoxication limit is a 0. At times, security forces personnel lane and will be searched. The Scott AFB have to register their automobiles in Illinois Integrated Defense Plan establishes the policy as long as their home state vehicle registra- on registration of privately owned firearms on tion remains valid.

There are no restrictions if base. It states that these weapons are prohib- nonresident service members prefer to register ited in unaccompanied and visiting quarters. Out-of-state service members Those living in on-base privatized housing residing in Illinois who have a valid driver's may keep their weapons in their homes but license from their home state need not obtain are required to register them with the security an Illinois license as long as theirs remains forces armory.

Residents of Lincoln's Landing valid. This law also applies to family members are not required to register their firearms with of the service member. Emphasis is placed on locating adequate, afford- able temporary and permanent housing. Personnel with permanent change of station orders for Scott families. The website is accessible at www.

Upon receipt of your sponsored website that is also aimed at assisting military members orders, housing will forward a rental referral to the privatized housing and DOD personnel with their search for housing in the local commu- property manager. The website connects service members and DOD personnel with When you arrive at Scott, you will need to process through the gov- local property managers, landlords and apartment complexes within ernment Housing Office Assistance Section.

All personnel are assisted at commuting distance of the military installation often facilitating less the Patriots Landing Community Center, George Washington Drive. The housing staff is available 7 a. For more information about privatized housing, visit Dormitory housing is available on base for most single personnel in http: If you arrive during normal duty hours, report to your dormitory manager.

If you arrive The following information is a general guideline to off-base housing after normal duty hours and your sponsor hasn't arranged for a room, in the Scott area. Most rental agreements are for a one-year period. The report to the hour arrival point, the Scott Inn, Building Rental have a limited number of available spaces, and Average Rental Prices rates do not normally include utilities, and a prices vary by location and lot size.

Furnished Apartments utility deposit may be required. Most rent- Housing Management is co-located in 1 Bedroom However, if pets are the Patriots Landing community center 2 Bedrooms Most apartments do not have washer office. The housing management office is 1 Bedroom Monday through 2 Bedrooms Temporary or furnished apart- Friday. Housing management staff can 3 Bedrooms How- be reached by phone at or ever, rental furniture is available through All personnel are reminded they are required 1 Bedroom The availability of mortgage Housing Management, to process through the 3 Bedrooms Mobile home parks in the area usually for off-base housing.

Federal endorsement is not intended or implied by their verbiage. Louis, one of the largest cities in Missouri, is on the bank of the off to mark the 50th year of the Arch itself. Mississippi River just below its junction with the Missouri River, and St. Louis supports internationally recognized institutions and organi- its downtown is less than 20 miles from Scott AFB.

The metropolitan zations, and cultural and informational opportunities abound. Residents area encompasses 12 counties: In and visitors young and old enjoy the zoo, science center, opera, theater, , the population of the city was approximately ,, with about art museum, symphony and more, and five-star restaurants and corner 1 million people in surrounding St.

Because of its his- bistros offer fine dining and casual dinners alike. Louis has great fairs toric role in the nation's westward expansion, St. Louis is known as the and festivals with themes that reflect the area's cultural heritage and tradi- "Gateway to the West," and the foot stainless steel Gateway Arch, tions: A sampling would include Fair St.

Louis Strassenfest, the the nation's loftiest man-made monument, commemorates this role. The Blues Festival, Taste of St. Louis has surged econom- the St. Farmer George Belleville rose quickly to prominence in pol- ically in the past 20 years with expansion of Blair got things going on March 10, , by itics and to economic growth in agribusiness, the popular Scottrade Center formerly the donating an acre of farmland for a public square, mining, banking, retailing and manufacturing.

Savvis Center as well as 's opening of the and the former county seat then was trans- At one time it was known as "the stove capital Edward Jones Dome at America Center , now a ferred from Cahokia to the more central settle- of the world. Riverfront gaming com- ment. Blair got to name the town, and he chose growth industry and railroads were in place to plements other downtown attractions, includ- "Belleville," French for "beautiful city.

New and renovated hotels vie for increased convention and tourism business. Louis Union Station, a redeveloped train station, and the St. Louis Center have the convenience of shopping malls, while the historical Soulard Market is alive with the bustle of outdoor ven- dors. Louis International Airport serves more than 12 million passengers each year, and the MetroLink transportation sys- tem that connects the airport with downtown extends all the way to Scott AFB.

Louis ranks high for medical institutions, universities and quality of life and is a hub for industrial and corporate headquarters. To learn more, go to the city website at http: Louis Regional Chamber of Commerce, www. The quiet, family-centered town takes pride in its pleasant neighborhoods and friendly neighbors as well as its well-maintained park, the site of community activities year-round.

Albers Elementary School www. To learn more, go to the village website at http: Founded in , it recently celebrated its th anniversary as one of the oldest communities in http: The and one national and three local historic districts. Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce also The city's approximately 20 city parks works cooperatively to advance business and encompass more than acres, which include community interests.

Residents also enjoy Belleville's rich surrounding farmlands have country clubs, bowling centers, and an outdoor consistently provided economic stability to the skateboard park. Peter's Roman Catholic Cathedral area, in The railroad arrived in , the largest in Illinois , Skyview Drive one of the same year 20 blocks were laid out for the town, was a national supply center, serving not only few remaining drive-in theaters in the U.

Louis but points west golf courses, and annual events like Art on the and churches, a town improvement society, a from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. Square, Oktoberfest, a Chili Cook-off, a Veter- volunteer fire department, water works and an By , Belleville's population had grown ans Day ceremony, gingerbread festivities and electric power plant.

The municipality is the largest through Belleville's three stations to St. Louis Illinois Central Railroad. Belleville provides quality resources in both health care and education. Two major hospi- Belleville tals, Memorial Hospital and St.

Elizabeth's Hospital, are here, and schools range from preschool through graduate school with six school districts, Southwestern Illinois College and Lindenwood University. The Belleville Public Library www. The Belleville Philharmonic Orchestra www. The area's largest employer, Scott AFB just to the east, has 13, employees.

The military base and city have been part of each other for almost a century, and the Belle-Scott Commit- tee, established in , is the oldest continu- ing military-civilian partnership in the nation. Business and economic growth has gotten a boost from the Business Assistance Program, an update of the city's Comprehensive Plan, and required Business Occupancy Permits.

As for green space, Breese maintains several parks of 20 acres plus, including one dedicated CARLYLE to soccer, for residents of all ages, and a pub- A muddy Goshen Trail ford across the lic pool with a splash pad. The historic Avon Kaskaskia River ultimately led to the Theatre downtown, which opened in as forward-thinking city of Carlyle, population the Grand Theatre, a seat venue for the 3, in , about 33 miles east of Scott new silent films, is now home to the Clinton Air Force Base and 50 miles from St.

Louis in County Showcase, a theater company that Clinton County. Around the first settler, screens movies in addition to producing plays John Hill, built himself a block house along the and special events. In , the General planning for our future. Dean Suspension Bridge spanning the river org to learn more, or visit the went into service and carried traffic for the Breese Chamber of Commerce website at www.

Its successor doves ; bird-watching; fishing 32 species of church, Holy Family Log Church of , is fresh-water fish including largemouth bass still used for services and is the oldest church and channel and flathead catfish ; 18 holes completely west of the Alleghany Mountains.

Four airports serve the area, the though: The old Cahokia Courthouse, now a ing and sailing; biking and hiking; and eight largest being Lambert-St. Louis International historic site, was originally a private home built recreation areas. The lake draws more than Airport northwest of St. Barge, rail and by a French fur trader around Earlier yet, 3 million visitors a year.

Army Corps of Port District on the Mississippi River 50 miles the largest mound complex north of Mexico Engineers to maintain almost 20 miles of trails to the west. City from around to , the Cahokia looping through the city and to the lake. Louis central busi- and three fully equipped playgrounds.

Carlyle is a full-service overhead, a migratory thoroughfare, and the annual Harvest Thyme Festival and in late community, providing a concentration of ser- area has the greatest concentration of bird spe- November glitters with thousands of lights vices not found in many municipalities its size, cies in Illinois.

Cahokia Unit School District fireworks. Among other festivals and events auto and professional advisers. Louis and less than 20 miles from http: Louis and the Mississippi River. Louis' activities and attractions. Once little more than an outpost, Caseyville Its seven major chain hotels range from econ- is now a growing community of more than omy to luxury, and its restaurants' menus go 1, homes.

The town first gained fame from down-home family style to gourmet fare. Ulysses The Cahokia Mounds historic site, which S. Grant himself during reconnaissance in is on the World Heritage List, is the city's haven for many who work in St. Public schooling falls under Col- and Gateway Center, a premier convention cen- The city boasts a superior school system linsville Community School District No.

Collins- Caseyville Elementary School. Two-thirds of the world's draws 6, students from 57 square miles than 24, items for patrons' use including horseradish is grown here in the American who attend classes in Collinsville, Caseyville, books, CDs, books on tape, DVDs and VHS, Bottoms, and an International Horseradish Maryville and parts of Glen Carbon, Fairmont and a large collection of large-print best sellers.

Festival is held in early June. Additionally, the City and Granite City. In Collinsville itself, Thousands of people use the library's print and annual Italian Fest, on the third Friday and there are six elementary schools kindergarten electronic reference resources and tap into the Saturday in September, attracts more than through fourth grade , an intermediate center internet.

Copy, fax, notary and printing ser- , people who share a fondness for Ital- grades five and six , a middle school grades vices are available too. Louis, 6 miles from South- Collinsville Memorial Library can provide For more information go to the city's ern Illinois University at Edwardsville and reference assistance, Wi-Fi and networked website at www. Perhaps the city's most treasured attraction is the "World's Largest Catsup Bottle" aka the Brooks Catsup water tower , standing sentry over the crumbling Brooks Catsup bottling plant.

The bottle celebrated its 60th birthday in July with a barbecue festival and car show in Collinsville's American Legion park. The City of Colllinsville's website is www. Louis the community is adjacent to Interstate , circled by Interstate and about 25 miles from Scott Air Force Base.

The area has a rich history. In the mids, the French landed there as the first white set- tlers, followed by the British, who controlled the territory through most of the 18th century until American revolutionaries drove them out. The original town -- starting with Fort White- side and Fort Piggott -- was built by a handful of American settlers on high bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River.

Today, Columbia has a population of nearly 10,, many of them descendants of hard-working German immigrants who came looking for employment in the s. These days the service industries and construction are foundations of the local economy, though many people commute to St.

Louis area Economic Development program that actively lege offers nearby satellite instruction for pro- transit system, which connects East St. Louis fosters business growth. Call , spective community college attendees. Louis' Lambert Airport via two sta- ext. The Columbia Public Library, www. Louis to Recreational facilities abound, including a http: Its circulating The Gateway Geyser, at feet the tallest Park, Bolm-Schuhkraft Memorial City Park, collection gets heavy use, and the library offers fountain in the nation, mirrors St.

The area is a haven for golf bases, downloadable eBooks, eAudiobooks the river at the Jefferson National Expansion fans, with three courses offering various lev- and eMagazines, computer and internet access, http: Check the website at www. Louis, which sprang up on river low- minute drive. The Columbia Bath and Tennis http: For a , ext. More recently there has been more economical way of getting involved, there an increase in commercial and housing activity, are leagues around town for bowling, volleyball, EAST ST.

Columbia is also a East St. Louis, on the Illinois side of the launched the biggest riverboat casino in Amer- place for horseshoe tournaments and a starting Mississippi River in St. Clair County, has a ica, the Casino Queen, which sails several times point for cyclists riding down the famous Bluff population of approximately 26, It sits just daily from East St. Miles of river bottoms 15 miles west of Scott Air Force Base and prise has been a huge economic boon to the city; await along this Illinois institution.

The first in addition to providing hundreds of jobs, it gen- Young residents of Columbia generally attend bridge to span the Mississippi River, a com- erates substantial tax revenues. Louis School District No. Louis to metropolitan St. Louis; at its com- early childhood center, six elementary schools, Schools. An abundance of community activi- pletion the Eads Bridge was the longest arch two middle schools, a high school, an alterna- ties helps children and families stay involved bridge on Earth, and one of its believers led an tive high school and a detention home.

South- both in and out of school. Instructional classes elephant across it the year it opened to reassure western Illinois College has one of its largest and leagues are available for all ages in such a dubious public. Another bridge linking the satellite campuses at the East St.

Louis Com- sports as softball and baseball, soccer, football, two cities, the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial munity College Center, where it offers classes bowling, dance, swimming and gymnastics. Bridge, opened in February The community is particularly proud of its Just Four interstates are within easy reach: Inter- The East St. The library is open 9 a. Shopping drives the economy.

Clair Square, a shop- http: For more infor- ping mall with more than stores that has mation, go to www. Louis has incentives for developers, businesses and restaurants and an ever-expanding executive and a little over 24 miles from Scott Air Force entrepreneurs by way of Tax Increment Financ- office park to the north. The city has more than Base. Highland is surrounded by farmland and ing TIFs , which can also be used for busi- 3 million square feet of retail space.

Another city entity, file, a marketing brochure, an inventory of ing business and industry with a small-town the Redevelopment Commission, considers available buildings and sites, and a Business atmosphere. Visi- For more information about the City of East relocate or expand in the city.

Fairview Heights has become a haven for parks, streets, lake, homes and yards. Louis and numerous playground for toddlers, to Silver Lake, which perity," the longtime community of Fairview other attractions throughout the area. Fairview offers boating, fishing, waterfowl hunting, Heights was incorporated in and has gone archery, pavilions, a playground, sand volley- from what was once a quiet area surrounded Heights provides much for its out-of-town vis- ball, nature and walking trails and a climbing by farms and coal mines to the retail shop- itors who come to shop, eat or stay overnight, wall.

With numerous annual festivals and fairs, ping hub of the Metro East region. Madison County Fair, band concerts, art events in East-west Interstate 64 conjoined with U. Louis to the west. Lebanon Highland is also well-known for the high Elementary and middle school students quality of its schools, as evidenced by the belong to one of two school districts. Those liv- high test scores and numerous award-winning ing on the west side of town are in Grant-Illini curricula, programs and educators.

Highland School District No. Those high school, a middle school and two elemen- on the east side are in the Pontiac-William Hol- tary schools in town, plus elementary schools liday School District No. It has picnic pavilions, a 1. The city's acre Pleasant St. Joseph's Hospital and medical campus, res- Ridge Park is for more passive recreation, and idents can take advantage of local high-quality other mini-parks are scattered throughout res- health care.

Among major employers are Basler Electric Co. The town celebrated its th year in with a jubilee. Interstate 70 to the north is within easy reach, as are Illinois and , and U. Residents and businesses alike benefit from Highland's fiber-to-the-home system, High- land Communication Services HCS ; it's the state of Illinois' first municipally owned tele- communications company.

The fiber-optic net- work provides advanced high-speed internet, HD television and phone services to local busi- nesses and residents. Mascoutah To learn more, visit the city's website at www. Louis Sports Hall of Fame in Lebanon is site, www. Lebanon, a small, pleasant college town 7 miles also the hometown of Craig Virgin, world The Lebanon Chamber of Commerce, www.

Settled in , this town of almost 4, often trains on town streets. Clair and lake with fishing, tennis courts, baseball Mascoutah, a community of almost 7, res- County Historical Society. The oldest surviving diamonds and meeting facilities. The Hills Golf idents, is 4 miles southeast of Scott Air Force structure is the Mermaid Inn, built in , Club at McKendree University is a challenging Base, which is both responsible for about which British author Charles Dickens visited hole golf course, and the Looking Glass 50 percent of the town's population and served and praised in A large portion of the Playhouse community theater includes many by the Mascoutah school district.

A useful city, including the entire Main Street, has been members from Scott. Many of the city's antique and specialty within walking distance of Lebanon Elementary "Welcome Packet" to learn everything from shops and restaurants reflect its mid-Victorian School. Lebanon Community Unit School Dis- how to contact city officials to the speed limit architecture and support an unhurried liv- trict No.

A comprehensive curriculum informed by the postal service that another Lebanon is the site of McKendree University, is offered at the high school, which was built Illinois town had beaten them to "Mechanics- the first college in Illinois, founded in The private four-year liberal arts Methodist col- under construction will open soon. The dis- The city actively seeks new businesses lege offers undergraduate and graduate degrees trict has a learning disability program and can that create jobs while creating a strong, bal- with 46 majors and 37 minors and an average accommodate handicapped students.

Historic buildings dating The Lebanon Public Library www. Coach optometric center, a chiropractic clinic offering free consultation and help developing a busi- Statham also has claimed the American Mid- acupuncture and nutritional counseling and ness plan, and the Mascoutah Public Library west Conference AMC President's Cup for 11 at least 30 civic and benevolent organizations, maintains DVDs and books about business http: The Mas- the federal Small Business Administration.

Mascoutah Middle School recently coutah Improvement Association sponsors the The Mascoutah Chamber of Commerce is a expanded, and a new Mascoutah High School annual three-day Homecoming and Augustfest hands-on group working to improve the com- opened in For years it operated the bowling http: Chamber of Commerce infor- nity, beautify downtown and even maintain Titles of Note best sellers and award winners http: North-south Illinois Highway 4 that passes There are seven churches, and the com- through Mascoutah links the city to Interstate 64 munity has three parks: Louis Airport, Mascoutah's public Center.

Seventy-acre Scheve Park has two 4,, was laid out in and incorporated in use airport, is on the grounds of Scott AFB; swimming pools, a walking path, six baseball in southwestern St. Many Allegiant Airlines provides limited service to diamonds, two lighted tennis courts, a lighted of the original settlers were from Germany, and and from Orlando Sanford International Air- sand volleyball court, lighted horseshoe pits, the village continues to build on this heritage port and St.

Pete-Clearwater International two soccer fields, 10 pavilions, several play- by preserving historic buildings, its Sister City Airport in Florida. A new cargo terminal and grounds and a restored railroad caboose and program with Gross-Bieberau, Germany, and customs facility is intended to attract inter- dining car.

Maple Park has outdoor basketball efforts to create a unique, charming St. Travelers can hop MetroLink courts, a ball-playing area, a playground and County community. Louis Inter- lakes, a fountain, a pavilion and walking paths. Recreational activities and programs are held well-preserved, 19th-century brick buildings.

The "Tin Man" water tower with its hemi- and military communities provides a rich and This community center houses a gymnasium, spherical bottom and conical roof with a ball diverse educational experience for its approxi- a large auditorium with stage and kitchen, finial now has been replaced by a newer, larger mately 3, students. About 57 percent of the indoor horseshoe pits and meeting rooms.

The water tower but is one of the few surviving in district's students are affiliated with the federal center is open for physical fitness, meetings, Illinois, and the Friends of the Old Millstadt presence at Scott AFB, and an active AFJROTC social and fundraising activities, and many Water Tower have organized to save it.

Numer- program is in place at the high school. The ous Millstadt residents are direct descendants The district includes two elementary 21 organizations in town range from scouting of the original early settlers and can share sto- schools -- Scott Elementary and Mascoutah programs and civic groups to women's clubs ries of long ago. Millstadt is just 15 min- Nature Trail's paved pathway is mostly shady, http: The Millstadt Chamber of Commerce is The city takes pride in its small-town atmo- Students on the Clinton County side of New a marketing, coordinating and leveraging sphere and safe environment.

New Baden Elementary School vices and nonprofits. The chamber has set up stadt Fire Department www. The Millstadt has grades four through eight; and older stu- forums for political candidates, in addition Ambulance Service www. The school Wiehnachtsfest German Christmas Festival , gency Medical Technicians and ambulance district also has special education learning dis- complete with German food, dancing, music, drivers.

Nikolaus himself to benefit the Millstadt http: Millstadt offers many opportunities to get The O. Billhartz Civic Center houses a New Baden, a village of 3, residents that involved and help the community, such as gymnasium, a cafeteria and community meet- straddles St. With its Auxiliary, the Historical Society, the Lions with its circulating collection, searchable data- Interstate 64 at its doorstep, it's about 30 min- Club, the Millstadt Civic Club, the Millstadt bases that range from legal self-help to pricing utes from downtown St.

An increasing Commercial Club, the Millstadt Optimists, antiques, its audiobooks and eBooks and its number of military families are taking up res- the Millstadt Sports Association, Sister Cities, book club. Millstadt Consolidated School District In , German immigrants founded the a hockey rink, a skate park, a paved walking No.

Children from preschool on May 27, , when a tornado ripped basketball court, a gazebo and picnic facilities through second grade attend the Millstadt through more than half its 60 buildings, dam- and is the site of the annual June Jamboree and Primary Center, and those from grades three aged others and killed 16 people.

Residents Fall Festival Chili Cook-off. By the determined Poelker Post No. The nesses, among them a bank, a large hotel, a site, www. Louis and 5 minutes from Mid- programs throughout the year. The city promotes economic America Airport. Scott has always been a Two parks and a walking trail offer recre- development with the acre I Tax Incre- significant provider of civilian-market jobs, ational opportunities for young and old.

New Baden can offer many of base's goods and services. Families play area with a rocket slide, five pavilions, financial incentives to businesses through moving to Scott are the foremost contributor http: The and 27 percent in community colleges. The borhood to Scott Air Force Base, with many Air Force base supports a direct and indi- community has several private schools, seven homes less than a mile from the main gate.

O'Fallon joins the largest schools in edge of town. MidAmerica Airport is minutes is one of the fastest-growing communities in the area for sports competition. Louis International Air- itan area.

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Alfred and Agnes Langford. He was employed in the maintenance department of Flavor Rich and Farmbest Dairies for over 30 years until his retirement. Zindorf born in Seattle 9 Oct I did regular broadcast stuff around the station for Armed Forces Network. Mississippi River just below its junction with the Missouri River, and St. Louis Regional Chamber of Commerce, www. Following his military service, Hansen held a number of interesting occupations.

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