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Come watch us make our candy. Perfect Every Time Anyone who has ever fried bacon has sworn out loud after being burned by popping, spattering bacon grease, and while swabbing it off the stovetop and surrounding cabinets. Pecans Pecan trees are a variety of hickory. Southern Baptist-related schools, colleges and universities. Although the college is affiliated with a group of Southern Baptist churches, which make up the membership of the Louisiana Baptist Convention , students need not be a member of that denomination to attend.

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A false representation may be a criminal offense. I confirm and represent that I am 18 years of age or older and am not considered to be a minor in my state of residence and that I am not located in a community or local jurisdiction where nude pictures or explicit adult materials are prohibited by any law.

I agree to report any illegal services or activities which violate the Terms of Use. Disclaimer This section contains sexual content, including pictorial nudity and adult language. I have read and agree to this disclaimer as well as the Terms of Use. What's wrong with this post? Total Spam! Inappropriate Miscategorized Other. Make personal-sized smoothies and milk shakes in pint-sized jars, quarts of salad dressings in jars that can be stored in the refrigerator, etc.

Saves washing the blender bowl. When adding items to the hot oil, use a long-handled pair of tongs. Submerge each piece completely for a few seconds; this will seal the exterior, guaranteeing a crispy, non-greasy finished product. Dampen a clean kitchen sponge and use it as a spoon rest; it'll keep the goop off your stove top, clean up any messes, and it goes into duty at the sink after you're done cooking.

Use a piece of stale bread as a spoon rest; when you're done cooking, feed it to the dog! Don't overmix the batter; you'll get a crispier crust if you don't. Allow the batter to sit for a bit after mixing, to lose the floury taste Batter food and fry immediately; don't let it sit.

Work in batches if necessary. Maintain the proper oil temperature. Too hot and it will burn, not hot Here, a speedy trick to help it ripen an almost rock hard avocado faster aka almost overnight. What you need: An apple, a brown paper bag, and that not-quite-ready avocado What you do: Place the apple and the avocado together in the bag, then fold over the opening as best you can to seal it off If you've ever rubbed your eyes after chopping hot peppers, you now know not to ever do that again.

If you've not, take care not to do so! Here's a trick to cut down on the danger: That way your skin won't absorb the hot chili oil. Try sprinkling a bit of black pepper on sliced melons, strawberries, peaches, etc. You'll be amazed at what it adds to the flavor profile. Many recipes call for draining fried food on paper towels -- which results in a soggy crust where the food touches the towels.

Instead, line a baking sheet with paper towels or grocery bags , add a baking rack, and drain your fried delectables on the rack. Air circulates underneath and everything Scoop out and reserve about a half cup of water before draining pasta; it's full of starch.

Toss the pasta with the sauce, then add the pasta water in increments until desired texture is achieved. It will add a surprising amount of texture and creaminess to the finished dish. When frying your burgers in a cast-iron skillet, sprinkle skillet with kosher salt before cooking. It will keep the patties from sticking without the need for excess oil.

Let your burgers rest a coule of minutes Use leftover sweet pickle juice, to thin salad dressings, use in place of vinegar in Thousand Island, French, Russian, or any other sweet salad dressing that calls for for vinegar.

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Slice cucumbers, radishes, carrots, etc. You know how hard ice cream can get after it's been in a home freezer for a while? To avoid that, place the container in a large zip-top bag, squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible, and freeze in the bag.

No more rock-hard ice cream! Leftover rice makes great rice cakes. Mix the rice with beaten egg, add salt and pepper to taste and fry the rice cakes in a little butter. Plastic wrap is a real pain to use, doesn't seal well and sticks best just to itself, usually a mess. It will seal better and not get all tangled up if you keep it in your refrigerator.

Grab your bundt or tube pan; shuck an ear of corn and place the pointy end in the opening in the bundt or tube pan. Slice kernels from the cob; they'll fall into the pan for easy collection. Unless you truly hate the taste of a particular vegetable's skin, don't peel it. The skin has a lot of fiber, and contains most of the nutrients.

Plus, think of the time you'll save! When searing meat of any sort, it's important to pat the meat dry before placing it in the hot pan. If it goes in wet, it will steam instead of sear, and you'll not be able to achieve that beautiful and tasty rich brown crust.

A well-seasoned cast iron pan is a work of art, a thing of beauty, and is almost always non-stick because of the beautiful seasoned finish. As such, all it usually needs for cleaning is a quick rinse with very hot water, a quick but thorough drying, and a very thin coat of oil. Use your egg slicer to slice eggs, of course, but also strawberries, soft cheese, kiwi, chilled cookie dough, olives One pass through the gadget yields uniform slices; rotate once horizontally and slice again for match sticks, or rotate a third time, for perfect To get nice, crispy caramelization on roasted vegetables, simulate the intense heat of an industrial oven: Bring your oven up as hot as it goes, then put an empty roasting or sheet pan inside for 10 to 15 minutes.

Toss the vegetables try carrots or Brussels sprouts with olive oil, salt and Leftover pizza is just fine cold, but it gets soggy if you heat it up in the microwave. Try this: Heat a cast iron skillet over medium heat; add a bit of olive oil, then the pizza slice. Cook, moving it around a bit, until it is browned and crispy on the bottom; cover it until the cheese is melted Spray measuring cups or spoons with a thin film of cooking spray before measuring sticky ingredients such as syrup or jam.

The sticky substance will slide right Consider this: Cut the bottle in half just below the "shoulder". Take that half-used bag of elbow macaroni, rice, sunflower seeds for salad toppings, etc. Or those with a shaker top, anyway. Clean spice jar and top; fill with cinnamon and sugar for toast; flour for sprinkling baking pans, work surfaces, and dough before kneading or rolling; powdered sugar for dusting anything that needs it; finely grated parmesan cheese; cocoa powder for dusting; Turn the dish upside down, and tear foil to size.

Mold the foil over the outside of the dish; carefully remove it, flip the dish over, and drop the molded foil inside it. Crimp the edges as desired. Perfectly fitted, no torn corners. Think beyond canning, tea, and lemonade; these tall, relatively narrow jars can go in the freezer, and can handle heat.

They're the perfect storage container for hot soups and gumbos. To avoid bacterial growth, you should never put a pot of hot soup in the refrigerator; the soup in the middle of Wash the pot in a solution of 3 tablespoons of baking soda mixed with 1 quart of water. To clean the machine itself run this solution through the coffeee making cycle.

This will remove stains from the pot itelf and eliminate the old coffee oils from the machine. Per strawberry: Run a toothpick through the strawberry crosswise as close to the hull as you can get; Rotate a quarter turn and run a second toothpick through to form an X. Dip the strawberry into melted chocolate, then place it, dipped side up, on parchment paper with the toothpic X acting as the Substitute high-protein bread flour for all-purpose flour, and thoroughly chill the dough before baking.

To make a richer vegetable stock, roast the vegetables in a hot oven until browned before using them to start the stock. They'll caramelize, resulting in a deeper, richer flavored stock. Transfer it to a lidded container and cover the surface of the guacamole with a thin layer of water. To serve, pour the water off. Spray the burned on food with fabric stain remover and allow to sit for a few minutes then scrub.

Put about 2 tablespoons dishwashing liquid in the pan and add enough hot water to fill by about half an inch. Bring to a boil; the food should loosen. Dissolve a quarter cup of baking soda A closed veil, the thin membrane under the mushroom cap, means a young mushroom; an open veil means an older mushroom.

Since mushrooms taste richer and richer as they age, you want to look for the older ones for the biggest flavor. Do this: Grilled onions are a reason in and of themselves for firing up a grill. Cut big sweet onions into thick slabs and secure the layers by pushing two toothpicks through each slab crosswise.

Drizzle with a little olive oil and season with Creole seasoning and black pepper. Cook over indirect heat until Fun Strawberry Facts: Strawberries are part of the rose family 1 cup of strawberries is only about 55 calories Ponchatoula is considered the strawberry capital of Louisiana To freeze strawberries: Remove the stems and caps, then wash and drain the fruit carefully.

Do not soak in water, or Save your paper milk and cream cartons. Open them up and wash thoroughly. Fill with whatever you need to freeze, staple or tape the top closed, and freeze upright. You can then tear off the carton and transfer the frozen block to a labeled freezer bag if you'd like; the blocks stack neatly on If you're planning to use sliced raw onion in a salad and discover it's just too pungeant after slicing into it, soak the slices in ice water for about 20 minutes.

The water will leach the "bite" out of the onion, and as a bonus, it'll be crispier. Getting the last bit of whatever you've blended off the food processor blade can be tricky; remove as much as you can from the bowl, put the lid back on, and pulse a few times. It'll sling leftover bits off the blade and onto the sides of the bowl.

Refrigerate stock overnight. Pack a large mesh strainer with crushed ice or ice cubes and position it over a pot large enough to hold all the stock; carefully pour the stock over the ice in a steady, circling stream no thicker than a Slice or chop onion and soak in ice water for 20 minutes before serving; the ice water will smooth out the bite, and crisp it up. But the dilemma is, adding cold oil to a hot pan is a sure route to a soggy, greasy mess.

Bring food to room temperature before cooking. It will be easier to cook it evenly. Blot excess moisture. That will prevent food from steaming and enhance caramelization. Generally, baste only after the surface of the food you're cooking has caramelized. Don't crowd the pan! Or the grill!

Many home cooks are puzzled that their finished pasta dishes just aren't as tasty as pasta they get at a restaurant. There are three secrets: Restaurant kitchens tend to salt their pasta water more than home cooks; it should be salty enough to taste like sea water. Drain the pasta when it's still al Back in the day, unpasteurized cream was left on the counter in a covered container to ferment for a few days; it was then churned to make butter.

The liquid left behind after the butter was removed was buttermilk. Today, it's made by adding lactic acid bacteria to low fat or skim milk. Once you add the mushrooms, let them sit, undisturbed, so they A skin forms when protein separates out of the dairy products. Try the following: Use cake or pastry flour: Press plastic wrap directly on top of the surface. Cover the surface with dampened wax paperWhile the sauce, pudding, or custard is hot, rub the top with a stick of butter Select a fairly thin cut.

Blot any moisture off the outside; water is the enemy of a good sear. A well-seasoned cast iron pan is a good sear's best friend; put This hack will extend the life of your strawberries for days, or maybe even a week after you take them home and put them in your fridge. Pour 1 part white vinegar and 5 parts water into a large bowl.

Soak your berries in the mixtures for a few Strive to allow time to bring fish to room temperature befor cooking, for more even results. As a rule of thumb, allow 8 minutes of TOTAL cooking time for each inch of thickness of your piece of fish. Generally, fish should be cooked to an internal temperature of F to F; non-oily fish Lean meats benefit from brining. Cashews are never sold unshelled because the oil in and around the shell will irritate skin and cause blisters.

That's because the cashew is in the same family as poison ivy! Zucchini is composed of more water than any other vegetable: Here are several ways to circumvent the sog: Slice it paper thin, or better yet, shred it, into a strainer and salt it liberally, tossing to coat Any meat but seafood should be salted well in advance of cooking it, up to several days in advance, in some cases.

The next time you plan to cook chicken, beef, or pork, salt half of it 24 hours before you cook it, and the other half just before cooking. Make sure you know which is The gills underneath a mushroom cap open as the mushroom ages, and older mushrooms are have a richer, fuller flavor than younger mushrooms.

So if you're going for mild mushroom flavor, look for tight, closed gills; if you're looking for big, rich mushroom flavor, look for those that are open. If you need butter at room temperature for a recipe but forgot to set it out to soften in advance, try this: Cut the butter into chunks and arrange in a single layer on a plate. Fill a measuring cup or bowl large enough to completely cover the butter with water and heat to boiling in the microwave All oil has what's called a smoke point, which is just what it sounds like: Canola oil is flavorless and has a high smoke point, so I use it a lot in recipes where I This is my first day out this year and there is no shortage of talent to keep me entertained.

Things pick up quickly in that Billy Nungesser recently unveiled the Atchafalaya Water Heritage Trail, which spans the 14 parishes in south-central Louisiana that are a part of the Atchafalaya National Heritage Area. The trail includes kiosks highlighting seven Iberia Parish water features including:.

Help for Harvey Victims: At this point in time, what is most needed is money donated to an organization or charity you trust, and donations to food banks. There is no place to store physical donations such as clothing, toys, bedding, etc. I am told there is also a need for blood, so get to a local blood bank if you can. From my friend Ewell: Join Aimee as she shares our Caribbean adventure as only she can while we return to Jamaica to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.

This will be our fourth visit to one of the Couples Resorts and, I admit, after our first trip to an all-inclusive for our honeymoon, it has been difficult to vacation any other way. After that first time seeing a color TV, the love affair was over. All-inclusive resorts are just that. Food and beverage and room service an all those things are pre-paid for.

It may cost a little more money, but I am sure no resorts are making a big profit when I am visiting the bar for a week. Join Aimee and I as we a once in a lifetime trip to Oktoberfest into a multi-city European adventure. Follow the YouTube links for each episode as Aimee shares our journey as only she can. Episode 1: The Expiration Date Did you know that when traveling to Europe the expiration date on your passport is not always the expiration date?

We did not; but when we got to the airport on the morning of our flight we were informed that our return to the states needed to occur 6 months prior to the actual expiration date which for us was only one month away! Episode 2: The Charles River On our first day in Prague, we found a cool bar, off the beaten track and right on the river.

As you can see, it looks like someone dropped the trailer off an wheeler, put some chairs on top and hooked up a few kegs. Good idea! Food Truck Friday will again feature an increased amount of trucks from the previous event, additional beverage offerings, live entertainment, promotional ticket giveaways to upcoming Live Nation concerts, and access to indoor seating within Opening Act.

The complete listing of food trucks attending the upcoming event is: Skip to main content. See archive. What people are sharing These are the most popular recipes this week. See all new recipes past 2 weeks. Click to preview Not sure? Kitchen Tips What's a Roux Roux, a mixture of flour and oil or drippings browned slowly over medium heat until the desired color is achieved.

Louisiana Crawfish The famous mudbugs of Louisiana, crawfish des ecrevisses are in season for about six months of the year, December to June. Okra - the Origination of the Term Gumbo Okra is a member of the hibiscus family and not found in most parts of the country. Creole or Cajun The Creoles of South Louisiana are generally considered the white descendents of the French and Spanish settlers of the colonial period who lived mostly in New Orleans and along the Mississippi.

Hot Peppers Combat Common Cold Eating fiery foods can actually relieve congestion in the nose, sinuses, and lungs. Cauliflower A member of the cabbage family and cousin to mustard green. Beef Brisket A brisket is a cut of beef that contains a large amount of connective tissue that can be tough and chewy if not cooked well. Coriander and Cilantro Come From Same Plant Cilantro is the fresh leafy herb and coriander is the dried seeds of the plant.

Satsumas These are tangerine-like citrus fruits that grow in southern Louisiana and are harvested in early November. Dry Mustard Has Little Aroma? Pecans Pecan trees are a variety of hickory. Strawberry Facts Strawberries have their seeds on the outside. Cloves are Latin for nail Named after their shape.

Allspice Is A Berry This dried berry comes from a tropical evergreen tree. Shrimp Are Sold by the Count This number is the approximate number of shrimp in a pound. Mace Is the finely ground powder of the thin rust-colored veins that encase the nutmeg seed. Lagniappe This is an old Creole word pronounced lah-nyahp for something extra. Chili Powder This familiar powder found in most groceries by now is a blend of several spices and dried chilies.

You Can Freeze Apples! Sweet Potato Facts and Tips Pick the best of the bin. Brussels Sprouts Facts These little cabbages got their name from being cultivated near the Belgian capital Brussels as early as the 's. Po-Boy Name Started in 20's According to legend the name dates back to a local transpportation strike in the s.

How to Season Cast Iron Skillet Didn't inherit your own deep black, shiny cast-iron skillet and need to season your store bought one? Wondering What Condensed Milk Is? Shrimp Portions When Cooking You can usually purchase about a quarter pound per person when preparing a snack or appetizer.

Potatoes The Most Consumed Vegetable in the US roughly pounds per person in and they're quickly gaining popularity as the most popular food staple in the world. Fish Tips It is best to remove fish from the refrigerator at least 30 minutes prior to cooking. Shredding Soft Cheeses Cheeses such as Monterey Jack and mozzarella can clog your box grater, cause a real mess, and turn a simple task into an annoying one.

Dried Beans - preparation When cooking with dried red beans you should make it a habit to rinse and pick over the beans to remove any stones and debris prior to use. All Peanut oils are not the same. Toasting Garlic Toasting garlic cloves tames a little of the sometimes harsh flavor and loosens the skins for easier peeling. Capers, are flower buds Surprisingly capers are the pickled flower buds picked from a shrub-like bush.

Louisiana Seafood Louisiana seafood is known around the world for taste, quality and variety. Crawfish Nutrition Crawfish are an excellent source of protein. Rice Varieties Worldwide there are more than , different varieties of rice, though only a small number offer the quality acceptable for commercial growth in the United States.

Peel Fresh Tomatoes Bring a sauce pot full of water to a boil. What is Tasso? Slicing Goat Cheese Goat cheese has always been one of our favorites but it is difficult to make nice clean cuts and neat slices. Pitting Olives Most of us don't bother pitting our own olives but should the need arise you'll know how.

Perfect Roasted Baby Carrots Critical to your success is to select carrots that are dry. Hulling Strawberries Familiar with that tough white core you find in early-season strawberries? The Secret to Bacon Wrapped Shrimp To avoid the soggy, chewy , greasy bacon and rubbery overcooked shrimp that is often the outcome of this otherwise simple combination do the following: Making Sour Milk Sour milk can often replace buttermilk in recipes.

Choosing and Using Eggs Good quality eggs contribute to the taste of any dish including eggs. Home Made Croutons For your salad or snacks. Quick Cooked Chicken If you need cooked chicken for a recipe but don't have time to bake it, poach some chicken breasts. Cooking Greens Greens tend to fall into two categories: Proper Storage Temperatures Produce: Freeze Fresh Herbs If you have more fresh herbs on hand than you can use, chop them up, divide evenly among cubes in an ice tray, cover with water, and freeze.

Make Extra When making pasta sauces, gumbos, soups, or stews, double the recipe if the increased prep time is nominal. Keeping Fresh Ginger on Hand If you love the taste of fresh ginger but use it too infrequently to keep it on hand in the refrigerator, buy a good-sized root, peel it, and freeze it in a zip-lock bag. Maximizing a Can of Tomato Paste How often do you open up a can of tomato paste, use the tablespoon or two a recipe calls for, and end up throwing the rest of the can away?

How Hot is that Pepper? Keep Potatoes White When you peel potatoes, they will start to discolor if they are left exposed to the air. Preparing Eggplant for Cooking Recipes often suggest you salt the eggplant prior to cooking. Shocking Blanched Vegetables Drain blanched vegetables into a strainer.

Seeding vegetables To quickly seed cucumbers, zucchini, and squashes, slice in half and, run a small spoon or melon baller down the center to scoop out the seeds. Do eggs need to be refrigerated Fiction: No More Watery Cabbage Salad Cabbage contains lots of water, and quite frequently you end up with a soggy mess in the bottom of the bowl of cabbage salad.

No More DIscolored Potatoes As you well know, potatoes quickly discolor when peeled and left on the cutting board. Easily Fill a Plastic Storage Bag Depending on the size of your storage bag, grab a wide-mouth pint, quart, or gallon jar. Using Plastic Wrap Strange but true: Onion Tips Cooks Illustrated suggests the following to speed up your onion prep work.

Salad Garnish Wondering how to bring some zest to your salads. No-Grit Clams and Mussels Thoroughly scrub the shells of mussels or clams. Substitute Dry Herbs For Fresh As most home cooks know it is nearly impossible to always have fresh herbs on hand. How to Keep Sliced Turkey Warm and Juicy When you are done carving your turkey the first few pieces are likely to be cold.

Perfect Hard and Soft Boiled Eggs For hard boiled eggs, place room temperature eggs in a deep pot filled with cold water, being sure to submerge eggs completely. Easy-Access Storage for Dry Goods Invest in a few quart and half-gallon wide mouthed jars with lids, and use them to store flour, sugar, rice, and other dry goods. Fresh Herbs vs. Dried Generally, add dried herbs early in the cooking process so they have time to rehydrate and achieve full flavor.

Faster Peeled Potatoes If your recipe calls for a exact weight of peeled, diced or sliced potatoes, buy the largest potatoes you can find. Lower Calorie Creamy Salad Dressing Try using a really ripe avocado in place of low fat mayonnaise when making a creamy salad dressing, or use it in place of oil to make a creamy vinaigrette.

Pistachios Pistachios have been shown to reduce "bad" LDL colesterol and increase "good" HDL colesterol after only a short period of regular consumption. Millet a Gluten Free Grain Originally found in western Africa, millet is one ot the oldest foods known to humans. Keeping a king cake round After you shape your king cake, keep the center clear by placing a clean, greased 2-pound coffee can in the center.

All about Chile Peppers A general rule of thumb is that long, thin peppers tend to be hotter than shorter and fatter peppers; habaneros are a noted exception to that rule. Gruyere Cheese This is a Swiss cow's-milk cheese, named for the village where it is produced. Getting the most out of vanilla beans If you're using whole vanilla beans for flavoring rather than scraping the seeds out and incorporating into a dish , after they've imparted flavor you can usually rinse them off, let them dry thoroughly, and store in their original container.

What To Do With Leftover Wine as if If you find yourself in the unexpected situation of having leftover wine no one is going to drink, freeze it in ice cube trays, then store in the freezer in freezer bags. Oysters Ward Off Flu Yes, our beloved bivalve is a fabulous food for fighting the flu due to its rich zinc content.

Avoiding a Mess with Nonstick Spray When spraying cake pans, muffin tins, etc. How to get the scent of onions off your hands. Never overflow a glass of champagne An overflowing glass of champagne is always festive, but wasteful, particularly if you're pouring a good vintage.

Brining for Poultry and Meat Brining poultry or pork soaking in saltwater solution before cooking serves a couple of purposes; it helps the flesh retain moisture, and seasons it all the way through. Reconstitute Dry Mushrooms To resconsititute dry mushrooms add boiling water to a bowl and soak the mushrooms for minutes.

Saving Overripe Fruit Tightly wrap, label, and freeze overripe fruit bananas, peaches, strawberries, etc. Keeping Knives Sharp Longer The best knife blocks have slots that allow your knife blades to rest on their sides, rather than their edges; the slots are horizontal rather than vertical.

Extending the Life of Salad Greens To save time, wash big bunches of salad greens at once. How to Keep a Sauce Warm If you make a sauce that you need to keep warm while you finish cooking a dish, store it in a thermos or insulated beverage cup. Filling Zip-top Bags To easily fill zip-top bags, stuff the bag into a wide-mouthed pint or quart jar.

Minimizing Tears while Chopping Onions Most of the enzymes that cause eyes to tear up while chopping onions are actually in the root of the onion. Making beautiful meringue-topped pies To get that beautifully mounded look to your meringue pie, do this: When is Fried Chicken Done? What to do with leftover tomato As if.

Soup Stock Scum When the wind blows at the beach you're sure to see a lot of foam on the water's surface, called spume. What is Cake Flour? What is a Boysenberry? Foolproof Pizza Toppings Whether you bake or grill, the trick is for the toppings and the dough to cook in sync. How Meat Tenderizers Work The use of plants to tenderize meats dates back to the native peoples of what now is Mexico; they wrapped meat in papaya leaves.

Freeze Your Lemons Lemons freeze easily. Cooking With Fresh Versus Dry Herbs In general add fresh herbs toward the end of cooking so they won't lose their potency. Correct Placement of Pizza Stone Like to make home made pizza. Stop Guacamole From Turning Brown You need to stop the oxidation oand you do that by eliminating exposure to the air.

Measuring Sticky Ingredients Sticky ingredients like honey and molasses take their time flowing out of a measuring cup and always require a spoon to scrape out the remainder. Preparing Eggplant The biggest challenge when preparing eggplant is excess moisture. Is your meat thermometer accurate?

Orange Know-how When using oranges in recipes; 3 or 4 medium oranges will yield about 1 cup of juice. Baked Ham Help To preserve the moisture in the ham place the meat cut side down on the roasting pan and cover the ham with a foil tent. Perfect Pasta For perfect pasta every time, make a habit of cooking until just al dente.

The Word Coleslaw Originates Comes from the Dutch word koolsla, kool meaning "cabbage" and sla meanng "salad". Perfect Potato Wedges Use an apple slicer to quickly cut potatos into even wedges. Where Did Marshmallow Come From In the 's the roots of the marshmallow plant Althaea officinalis were used to make a homemade confection that took its name from the plant root.

What About Cranberries They are an excellent source of Vitamin C and were important to the Pawtuxet Indians in the Northeast who ate them raw, boiled with maple syrup, and mixed into pemmican a mixture of venison and animal fat. What Is Pumpkin Pie Spice This blend of spices is useful in much of your fall cooking from pumpkin pies to squashes and sweet potato recipes.

Faster Baked Potatoes Put your micro wave to use for about 8 minutes then your oven and finish baking for another 20 minutes. Greener Green Beans And Vegetables Adding salt to the cooking water not only seasons your green beans and other cooked green vegetables but also helps them retain their bright color. What Is Best Bread For Turkey Stuffing You want your bread stuffing to bake up soft but still retain some of its shape and absorb enough moisture without becoming too soggy.

What is Figgy Pudding? Rejuvenate Frozen Shrimp To reinvigorate previously frozen shrimp almost all shrimp is frozen at harvest, shipped, thawed then sold , soak them for 20 minutes in salted water in the refrigerator 2 tablespoons salt to 1 quart cold water. Easy Peel Boiled Potatoes To easily peel potatoes, boil with the skins on them immerse in cold water for 5 seconds.

Keep Stuffed Pepper Upright While Cooking Use a large muffin tin to cook stuffed peppers in the oven - it will help keep them upright. How To Slice Cherry TOmatoes The simplest way to slice a bunch of cherry tomatoes is to sandwich them between two plastic lids and run a long knife through all of them at once!

Easy Peel Hard Boiled Eggs Add half a teaspoon of baking soda to the water when hard-boiling eggs to make the shells incredibly easy to peel off; when they've cooled, put them in a covered bowl or pot and shake briskly a few times to crack them all over. Easily Peel Pearl Onions Pearl onions have a much more pungeant flavor than regular onions, but many of us are loath to cook with them because they're so tiresome to peel.

Keep Cooked Pasta from Clumping When pasta is done to your liking, drain, add back to the hot pot, and immediately add a half cup of the sauce you intend to serve the pasta with to the pot. Perfect Tomato Gravy Serve over hot biscuits or rice, or pan-fried chicken, steak, or pork chops. Tips for a Better Souffle Separate the eggs while cold; but bring them to room temperature before using.

Perfect Boiled Shrimp The trick to perfectly-textured, crisp to the tooth boiled shrimp is this: How to Make a Darker, Richer Stock Roasting your ingredients for a bit before adding them to the water makes for a darker, richer stock. What volume is "one onion"? Herb Skewers Let a few branches on your rosemary bush, tarragon, and oregano plants grow out; they'll become sturdy enough to be used as flavorful skewers for chicken, lamb, and tender beef.

Which Potato For Salads In most cases you'll want the low-starch "waxy" potatoes for your salad. What is Cream of Tartar? What is Baking Powder? How to Peel and Devein Shrimp 1 Using your hands break off the head if it is still attached and legs. What is the difference between soup stock and broth? Perfect Every Time Anyone who has ever fried bacon has sworn out loud after being burned by popping, spattering bacon grease, and while swabbing it off the stovetop and surrounding cabinets.

How accurate is your thermometer? Perfect Mashed Potatoes It depends entirely on how you'd like your mashed potatoes to end up. What Are Shallots Shallots are a member of the allium family whose other members are - not surprisingly - garlic and onions and lilies.

Perfect Cheese-Stuffed Burgers We all like the idea of a cheese-stuffed burger, but the reality is the cheese tends to leak out when molten and burn. Alternative Toppings for Pasta Looking for something besides red gravy for your pasta? Prevent Ice Crystals Forming On Ice Cream To prevent ice crystals forming on your frozen ice cream place a piece of wax paper or plastic wrap directly on the surface of the ice cream inside the container.

Preserving Canned Coconut Milk Canned coconut milk spoils quickly, so pour whatever you don't use into ice cube trays and freeze. Crystal Clear Stock To remove the scum that forms when making stock, wrap a large metal spoon in a double layer of cheesecloth. Mashing Meats While Cooking When cooking ground beef or sausage, throw away the old wooden spoon technique and use a potato masher instead.

The Easiest Way to Clean a Cheese Grater Spray both sides of your cheese grater with non-stick cooking spray before grating cheese. BitterSweet Plantation Dairy - Donaldsonville - produces specialty products complimenting the seven nations that came together to create the Cajun and Creole heritage.

Inaugural products include Creole Cream Cheese as well as a product line featuring specialty goat cheeses. Box of Care - New Orleans - Box Of Care assembles hand-crafted gift boxes with familiar as well as hard to find items that embody the best of New Orleans. We have made it a point to use local vendors and products to ensure we are providing the most authentic gifts.

Breaux Mart SuperMarkets - Metairie - River Ridge - Algiers - check out their weekly specials, sugar buster recipes, king cakes, or get directions to their locations. Bridge Foods - New Orleans - Ashanti seasonings and sauces, spices and other ethnic products. Larger than sauces, salts and spice our Ashanti Brand Condiments are just what you need to enliven your appetizers and quicken your entrees.

Deeply rooted in New Orleans essence and flavor, the Ashanti Brand is the newest thrill to hit store shelves nationwide. We like to embody the spirit of New Orleans and make our beers just as weird and interesting as the city we live in. Seasonings and marinades for fried turkey and other meats. Locals offering all kinds of Louisiana products including king cakes, candies, seasonings, fleur de lis apparel and jewelry and much more.

Order coffee, beignet mix and other fine New Orleans favorites on-line. The Cafe is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Order on-line. Our roasting site has been roasting only the finest arabica beans for over years. We have the best prices online for your outdoor cooking needs. Cajun Creations - Experience the real New Orleans flavors right here!

Try our authentic New Orleans favorites from red beans and hot sauces to remoulade and roux. With our large variety of mixes you can make Cajun Cuisine in your very own kitchen. We specialize in providing authentic Louisiana foods and gifts. Whether you are looking for a unique Mardi Gras themed gift basket or just a can of coffee, our store has the very best of Louisiana.

Cajun Grocer - Lafayette - Over authentic Cajun food including andouille, crawfish, turducken, stuffed chickens, chicken gumbo and pork boudin. The largest selection of Cajun seasonings. Since , our main business has been wholesale to the major stores and restaurants in Louisiana.

Now offering a secure online store for the general public. Plus you will find Cajun fun pages, free prizes and much more. Cajun Treats - Gretna - customized New Orleans-themed gift baskets featuring Cajun products that are also offered individually.

Chef Caluda has been baking and shipping king cakes since through his coffee house business Coffee Cottage. Carrollton Flower Market - New Orleans - Just search the site for a fine collection of gift baskets from chocolate to fruit, get a basket to give from online.

Chef Hans' Gourmet Foods, Inc. Our taste of Louisiana will spice up any meal and Chef Hans' baskets and bags make a perfect gift for any occasion. Chef John Folse - offers a full selection of specialty items fresh or frozen from Louisiana. Come browse his recipes and shop his newest catalog. Christen's Gourmet Praline - Metairie - offers pralines made fresh daily.

From wedding favors to luncheons, corporate gifts to black-tie affairs, we can custom package our pralines for and extra touch of elegance. Community Coffee Company - Baton Rouge - has a long history that is as rich with tradition as our coffee and our home in the Deep South.

Cookies by Design - Metairie - In I combined two popular gifts, flowers and cookies, into one deliciously delightful concept, the cookie bouquet. Twenty-five years later, customers continue to turn to Cookies by Design to help them deliver personal and creative expressions to others in a unique and fun way.

Come enjoy our open air seating where customers can relax outside in the Beer Garden. Covington Brewhouse - Covington, Louisiana - Covington Brewhouse is dedicated to crafting quality beers that incorporate local flavors into our craft pilsners, bocks, IPAs, and more! Crawfish - New Orleans - Top shipper of crawfish boil stock pots, propane gas burners, and live Louisiana Crawfish.

No one beats our quality, service, and price. A great resource for crawfish recipes and our "How to Boil" Guide. In addition to our gourmet offerings, we offer a collection of kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, gift baskets, Fleur de Lis decor, Mardi Gras masks and New Orleans keepsakes, all sure to remind you of our special city. Crescent City Brew House - New Orleans - French Quarter microbrewery with live jazz and balcony dining featuring innovative New Orleans cuisine, bistro atmosphere and fresh shucked oysters.

The Crescent City Brewhouse opened in and was the 1st brewery in more than 72 years. Including gift bags and gift baskets, pralines, gumbo bowls, jambalaya, Cafe Du Monde coffee and chicory, Cajun spices and more. Crying Eagle Brewing Company - Lake Charles, Louisiana - Crying Eagle Brewing Company brings together unique talent and vision, providing some of the most flavorful and refreshing craft brews your palette has ever experienced.

Edible Arrangements - New Orleans - Check out these fresh ideas for gifting occasions. They offer dipped fruit and much more in their delicious edible gift offerings. Elio's Wine Warehouse was founded in and is now recognized as one of the most complete sources for wine, spirits, package and keg beer in the New Orleans area. Our desire is to push our craft to the limit.

French Market Coffee - New Orleans - Although a few things have changed over our plus year history, our dedication to great coffee has not. To this day we continue to roast the choicest Arabica beans and specially grind them to create the quintessential New Orleans coffee, right here in the city we call home.

Many local restaurants have been serving French Market Coffee for over years. Gambino's Bakery - Metairie - king cakes, pralines, and divinity fudge, or Louisiana coffees. Gnarly Barley Brewing Company - Hammond, Louisiana - At Gnarly Barley we aim to create a diverse and unique selection of brews by borrowing techniques and recipes from brewers across the world. This is achieved by blending the old-world approach with the countless combinations of fresh quality ingredients available to the modern brewer.

Haydel's Bakery - Metairie - King cakes, chocolate doberge cakes, cheese cakes and more shipped anywhere in US. Legendre Herbsaint is a drink distinctly European in character. Hot Concepts - Mousepads are out, pens are boring and pocket protectors are for nerds, give away something they want to keep, Hot Sauce. Hot Concepts offers private label hot sauces, water and cigars.

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Fish Tips It is best to remove fish from the refrigerator at least 30 minutes prior to cooking. One method is to cook your fish on a bed of thin sliced fresh lemons. Allspice Is A Berry This dried berry comes from a tropical evergreen tree.

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Millet a Gluten Free Grain Originally found in western Africa, millet is one ot the oldest foods known to humans. When at room temperature, the flesh will cook more evenly. Po-Boy Name Started in 20's According to legend the name dates back to a local transpportation strike in the s.

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